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  1. What does "entitlement" mean?
  2. sorta like your limitations they have on your account.

    for example, it may say like max loss in a day is -5k or max open positions are 20 or max buying power available is 200k. basiclaly limits the company puts into the software to monitor you. people also who cant control themselves may have the company put in these entitlements so they dont blow out their accounts...
  3. Entitlement, in our case, are the vaious data feeds you subscribe to. New York Open Book, CME for futures, stuff like that. Only pay for what you need.

  4. Entitlements are feed related.

    Don has it right.
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    food stamps, Wic Medicaid.
    actually Don is right. All of these data services have a monthly cost that either the trader or the firm have to pay so some traders might for example have an oil quote but others will not.
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    In most firms are traders expected to pay the data fee or does the firm pay? If the trader is suposed to pay does anyone have a rough estimate of how much it comes out to a month for Nasdaq and NYSE data?thx
  7. In our case, the basic NYSE is included in access fee. Nasdaq L1 is about $28 bucks I think. More for L2, open view, and all the other "stuff."