Entitlements for Traders

Discussion in 'Economics' started by lpchad, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. lpchad


    Any traders here taking advantage of gov't entitlement programs such as food stamps by declaring unemployed even if you are making hundreds of thousands in "investment income" while not paying income tax?
  2. Acumen


    I guess you've never done your own taxes because while the Government may be inept sometimes, they are not stupid.
  3. even if you could do this why would you want to use food stamps if you are making "hundreds of thousands"? have you no shame?
  4. sjfan


    .... ur.... for the most part "investment" income is taxable as ordinary income; even not, capital gains is part of your gross taxable income.... so I'm not sure how "investment" income shield you from your tax liabilities.

  5. LOL, another retarded thread on ET ... go figure. :p
  6. sjfan


    Oops, I meant to say cap gains is part of your gross tax liability, not your gross taxable income. Either way, the point stands.