Entire Obamacare Bill Dies If One Part Of It Is Shot Down And Upheld By Supreme Court

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc8222, Oct 19, 2010.

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    "If Obama's insurance mandate law is ruled unconstitutional, the whole law could collapse. Most complex legislation contains a boilerplate statement that if one part of the law is struck down, other parts remain enforceable. "BUT" the authors of the Obama health law removed that statement, suggesting that the whole scheme was unworkable without compulsion."

    Gotta love the sheer stupidity of the Democrats. They remove the boilerplate statement from the Obamacare bill language, which means there is a great chance the main crux of Obamacare may never see the light of day, should the courts rule that just one little piece of it is unconstitutional. I can't wait for the U.S. Supreme Court, with it's 5-4 conservative majority, to promptly shoot down this ridiculously stupid bill!!! Even better, when the GOP wins the House on Nov.2nd, they vow not to fund Obamacare. So either way, it's looking better and better with each passing day that the Obama health bill will die very soon!!! :D