Entire ME imploding

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  1. I thought that the mere fact that Obama was elected would bring peace and stability to the ME. That is how he and his supporters sold it. Don't say it wasn't, cause you know that's how it went down. The ME is more unstable than ever. The whole region is blowing up.
    Is there anything Obama claimed that has come to pass? ME is in shambles. Terrorism on the rise. Radical Islam growing in strength. Libya a mess. Egypt a mess. Syria a mess. Yemen a mess. Afganistan a total failure. Iraq simply waiting for us to leave so it can blow up. Unemployment much higher than he claimed it would be after the stimulas. Failed investments in solar. Won't make any negotations on domestic energy policy. Race relations haven't been this bad in decades. Health care package that is a complete rip off and total lie of what it was sold as. Totally inept at providing leadership needed for congress to function. Not a single person prosecuted for the 08 finanacial disaster. One failure after another.
    There is simply no reason to support this man for another term. Not one single reason.
  2. This is a trend and if he gets re-elected same ol same ol.
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    As the sheeple chant: " four more years...four more years..."
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    You mean with regard to the middle east?

    Hmmm. Let me think. Oh yeah....

    Obama went to the Cairo and explained how the world's troubles were all America's fault for being such a bully and we wouldn't stick our noses in other people's business any more.

    That was supposed to make the Islamists love us. And, look how they just love America now. Right? The Islamists love Americans. Don't they? Obama said they would.
  5. I'm sure the republican way of invading,occupying and rebuilding middle eastern countries at a cost of trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives is the answer...NOT !!!

    Obama 2012 !!!!!!!!!
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    Turmoil in the ME being so new and all.
  8. Obama sold us hope and change, globally. The ME was always a political toilet, since Obama came on the scene we have an overflowing toilet.
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    LOL Obama took a crap on the ME and plugged up the sewer!
  10. I totally agree with the OP, but the thing that scares me about Romney is he doesn't seem to have learned much from Bush's disastrous wars. He seems to want to stay on in Afghanistan and get more involved in syria. And then there is of course Iran.

    We have to recognize the limits of what we can do. We can take out any goivernment in the mE if we want to, but we are so constrained by political correctness and a fawning devotion to so-called international law, that we are verylimited in what we can do after we take out a government. The taliban and al qaeda are not so limited. They could care less about international law. They don't worry about civilian casualties or offending someone.

    Obama has not repeated Bush's mistakes. No, he went back and repeated the mistakes of Carter and Clinton, which were at least as bad. He emulated carter in orchestrating the takeover of Egypt by the muslim brotherhood, which is the granddaddy of all islamist terror groups. Probably they will take over in Libya, with all its oil wealth as well.

    He emulated Clinton in making a pitifully weak response to the Libyan terror attack. Under Clinton we were hit repeatedly by terror attacks, eg first World Trade Center attack(whose mastermind Egypt wants returned to them for enshrinement as a national hero), embassaies in africa, troop barracks in Saudi Arabia, USS Cole, Black Hawk down inicdent, etc. Clinton, as obama is doing, treated them as law enforcement problems, with minimal results. Clinton had numerous opportunities to take out Osama but didn't, ostensibly because of concern for collateral casualties. So if terrorists lived and trained with their families, we gave them a safe pass.

    We see obama doing the exact same thing. When an embassy or consultae is under attack and the host government is not repsonding, we should send in whatever it takes to annihilate them. For whatever reason, he failed to do it in Libya and instead, weeks later sent in the FBI to "investigate." That must have really frightened the terrorists. I guess if they were detained, they would have been given full Miranda rights. I am sure there wiulkd be dozens if not hundreds of dirtbag traitorous attorneys from prestigious uS firms vying to represent them for free.
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