Entire Market Matrix (Steve Copan) collection set for sale

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  1. To all interested,

    I have the entire collection of the Market Matrix by Steve Copan for sale. Everything is completely original and in very good condition.

    The set comprises of The Delta Phenomenon Book, The Delta Phenomenon Study Guide, The Market Matrix Book, the Nexus system book and The Market Matrix CDs (Volume of 3 CDs) - please refer to the attached image.

    The reason for selling my collection is because I no longer require it as I have learnt and applied most of the knowledge to my trading with great success.

    Therefore, it would be a waste to keep hold of an original set of training material which is very difficult to get hold of when it would prove to be a huge asset to any serious trader with a curious mind. They would benefit highly from the superb information contained in the books and CDs.

    Please be warned that if you are the type of person who can't be bothered to work hard and learn carefully from what I consider simpy a goldmine of knowledge and trading techniques to implement into your everyday trading routine, then please, don't buy this collection or you'll be wasting your time and precious money.

    However, if you're willing to put in the hard graft, wish to learn new ideas and apply the priceless principles and rules given by Steve Copan, then with the right focus, you will definately take your trading to another level.

    I know there has been plenty of debate as well as a number of critics about the Market Matrix and its worth especially considering some of the potential subjectivities involved in recognising the right solutions and time frames, but I can assure any trader who has an open and inquisitive mind, you'll certainly find a host of valuable and profitable rules/ techniques that will revolutionise your trading accuracy and profitability.

    For me, over the last 4 years, after re-reading the materials and watching the CDs numerous times, I inadvertantly stumbled across an intraday system derived from the Market Matrix which gave me the ability to spot many of the real-time turns that appear in both the stockmarkets and the currency markets too.

    I'm sure some of those who look hard enough in the material, will find something akin to a treasure chest.

    I'll be the first to admit it felt very pricey indeed when the materials were first released by Steve Copan and his marketing posse some years back, but all was forgiven once I actually started to understand the true beauty of system.

    So, if any serious trader is interested in purchasing the entire collection I have, either PM me or email me for more info at:


    I may be willing to sell individual items within the collection if need be because I appreciate not everyone may want to buy an entire collection or may just require one of the items instead. Again, PM or email me your request or question.

    If you live in the UK, delievery will be for the very next working day on receipt of payment.

    Any buyers outside the UK, I will give you an estimate delivery date once payment has been received.

    If more details about the Market Matrix is required, please see the links below which I believe are some years old:


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    USA traders have no ideal who Copan is? you're better off making some live calls.If someone makes money from your calls maybe he will want to buy the set.
  3. pay my postage and I'll take it form you.... Seriously...what did you pay for this?
  4. Steve Copan is unheard of in the US because he has rarely done an interview and never makes any mass public appearances like your usual "trading gurus".

    He's too busy trading everyday to do anything else. There were only two interviews I ever came across where he briefly discussed his methods. Only one of them still remains on the net. Here it is roughly translated from a popular German Financial website (www.godmode-trade.de):


    As for what I originally paid for collection some years ago, it was over £3200 which is around US$5k. Folks may balk at that price but for me, that was the only ever time I have forked out a cent/penny for any trading material or course-like information primarily because I was convinced that it would prove to be a wonderful investment in gaining genuine trading knowledge. I was not disappointed, that's for sure.

    I bet most traders on this website have spent as much if not much more during their career on useless seminars, books, courses, training sessions, market newsletter subscriptions or market related web-based chat/trading rooms. I bet some are continuing to do so.

    Furthermore, the vast majority of serious traders/investors here have probably lost the equivalent of $5k on their own trades/investments which went pear-shaped. It's all part of the learning process if one learns from their mistakes but the facts say that over 90% of traders continue to lose over time whilst another 5-8% only break-even.

    For me, I'm proud to have become a consistent winner in trading and I am content in taking 2 or 3 points from the S&P or 10 points from the FTSE 100 or perhaps 20-30 pips on FX trades on a daily basis whilst trading medium term for bigger swing trades. Sure, I'll have a losing trade or two but I always hit my daily targets to get the points I need because I've learnt to spot the market turns.

    I have made a fortune from sticking to my trading rules and applying the knowledge I have learnt especially from the Market Matrix.

    If you want me to make the calls, then fine, I have no qualms about that and am willing to post my live trades on whatever thread you want me to. People will always be skeptical of success or in some cases, envy it. Doesn't bother me. Everyone is in charge of their own destiny.

    The only reason I'm selling my collection is because I want any buyer to learn the brilliant information contained within the collection and become a winner. It appears, Chipmunk wants it for free.

    Mate, I don't know your background or how good you are in your trading. But you know, nothing in life is free. You want success, you work damn hard for it and every single successful trader has paid their tituion fees sometime or another during the career. If anyone think's Steve Copan's stuff is a load of BS, that's their opinion and they're entitled to it.

    I do know some people who bought their own Market Matrix collection but weren't bothered to put the hard work in that was required.

    Others who did work hard, still had a few problems trying to successfully apply the concepts and strategies taught. Each to their own. Everyone learns at their own pace. Some will be better than others at picking up the info quickly whilst others will take more time to go through it all. Some find it hard to comprehend the fusion of techniques contained within the material.

    As long as you have a an open mind and think outside the box, you will find exactly what you're looking for. Once you apply it to your trading and it becomes consistently successful, then you know you've got the edge you were always seeking.

    Good luck with your trading ladies and gents. I sincerely wish you guys all the success with your market endeavours. Enjoy the coming bear market. It will be brutal to the bulls.
  5. Forget the Delta Phenomenon book I was originally selling. That is no longer part of the collection as quite honestly, the Market Matrix already encompasses that information and builds upon it with much further accuracy.

    The items now for sale are the Market Matrix book, the accompanying Matrix CDs and the Nexus Simple Trading Techniques book.

    I have REDUCED the price again because I know times are very hard for a lot of people in the current economic climate. But I am not willing to reduce it anymore after today. My price is now FINAL for the benefit of those potential purchasers who are still seriously interested.

    Furthermore, if any forthcoming buyer is not satisfied with the collection, then provided they have read, understood and tried applying the knowledge contained within the material, if they still remain unhappy with the Matrix information and are unable to develop a profitable trading strategy from it, they will be entitled to return the items back to me and I will issue a prompt refund of their payment.

    The buyer will be given 50 full days to absorb and implement the ideas & strategies contained within the materials. If after this period they feel the collection did not live up to their reasonable expectations, then they have the right to request a refund after the 50 day “trial period” and I will oblige with their request immediately. May I remind the buyer to please, please respect all copyright laws.

    I don’t want anyone to feel they are risking their hard earned money on a collection that might disappoint, once purchased. So with the reassurance of a refund policy, this is a no-lose situation for any buyer and a genuine chance to buy a fantastic set of trading material that in essence is of a very esoteric nature.

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    see what happen when you don't take my advice?
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