Enthios.com: Anybody Tried?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aranha, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. Aranha


    Does anybody know anything about these guys or trade by their recommendations?

    What do you have to say about them?


  2. No, but I'm down with a good chat room. Let me know when you find out. millennium-traders.com is pretty good if you like action--scalping.

  3. box


    I have not subscribed (paid) to enthios, however Michael has been publishing and sharing his knowledge at http://www.enthios.com/trading/ (then click inside the moving chart) for a number of years. He also used to hang out at KingCambo.com (hail to the King! :))
    Look here for some of his work http://www.enthios.com/trading/carta_diem.htm#Reports

    If one ever had a question he would be most helpful. He practices his craft each day with impressive preparation. He also moderates the group enthios.com at Yahoo Groups (1032 members in his group)

    Kind of looks like I am writing a resume for him, however I am not, just responding to your question. In his latest post in the Yahoo Groups it shows +91.5 points so far this month (Oct). Oh, and he was featured in Active Trader a year to year and 1/2 ago...or was it Futures magazine?? hmmm cant remember.

    Look through his "free site" and you will be amazed (perhaps) and the work he has done, at the areas of knowledge he has been exposed to, and probably did all this while trading, or during his off times, and made it available free to those who dared to venture in. Perhaps others who trade futures (I do not) and know of Michael, or those who subscribe to his paid site can share more than this brief introduction.

  4. It sounds to me like he ripped off Tactrade
  5. Their website saids..."All trades, trade reports, charts, text/audio trade OR market coverage, training sessions...should be viewed as hypothetical and without merit..."

    Hmmm...doesn't anybody trade with real money anymore?

    Also...somewhere in an old post at their yahoo egroup...they make sure everybody knows these aren't real trades.

    Other than that, a buddy of mine said the educational stuff is decent if it fits your trading methodology.

    Just go to the website and explore...check for yourself instead of listening to our thoughts or opinions.

    Then come back and tell us if they helped you make money, lose money or if it was a waste of time.