Entertaining forex trading

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  2. :D

    man this is awesome, I'm gonna get all my friends to have a look at it.
    It's gonna be our new favorite office pastime.
  3. on their little "running competition between currencies" graphic showing how easy it is, etoro doesn't bother including the one little details; and just how do you know which is going to win? That is sort of the entire point!!!
  4. Considering the fact that thousends of traders are trying each day to "know which one is going to win" I think it's a little too complicated to explain, but it does give some sense what exactly is Forex trading to someone who has never seen it before
  5. wonder what the race will be like on NFP release???

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    :D :D :D
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    do you think they run backwards?

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  9. great! i should try this! :)

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