Enterday ES Percentail Thule

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Albert Cibiades, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Al trie agen. Last thyme ET laff Al nue thule. Hear nue thule see long oar short best. Tail good Albania, is good US allso? Is such good thule, Al not give al-gore-rhythm. This Al gift Spidertreader, help Al make much the monies tread ES! Inspire by See-NBC Cramer, say "Market allways upward buy-ass!" In Albania, allways buy ass. But hard tell when market have downward sell-ass. Nue thule help! Enjoy!
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    hypo you bastards its you

    well say hello, for crying out loud we thought you were dead :D
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    but hypo come on man

    you have now the "edge"

    its time to make some sick money, go and OWN the son of a bitch market

    make the papa bear pay for years of pain :mad: :D
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  5. US correspondunce say Al, "hear, up down and down up!", so Al change polearity, post new chart, work better down-side-up! So sorry, ET. Is culchure thing, in Albania red like ass good up. In US green is up is good. Go finger!
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    LOL :D :D