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    I ask this for a friend who is now outside U.S. Is it possible for this friend enter US to trade for a living? What should this friend do? This friend is no crook, nor criminal, nor terrorist. This friend has an America dream.

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    Ask him to get a Green Card first. I think most firms are not sponsoring H-1 Visa now.
  3. you can trade from anywhere.
  4. Good point.

    And if someone wants to enter the US to trade for a prop. firm, it's going to be hard. He will need a green card or a working visa. One of the requirements for the working visa will be the salary, which not many of the prop. firms pay.
  5. so he can learn how to reap the rewards of the US, while putting its policies down. This is a perfect example of the pathetic rats we need to send back to wherever they came from
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    Not a surprise, you have been pathetically over the line.


  7. oh please qdz' we all hope you get your junior position you want so bad , so you dont cry all day about pdt:p
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    I smell this is somehow a disturbing topic. I am sorry if I do disturb you in some way. Would you at least let me know what it is so that I would try not to do it any more. Thanks.


    Is it that you will hurt without PDT rules?

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    http://bantha.cjb.net/john/ so many want in.................this guy wanted out.....click the quicktime icon for the mov..........its actually kind of funny......
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    Okay, I will see the video clip later. Now I just start a similar topic "exit U.S. to trade" here. Since you mentioned this, I do not want to start a new thread.

    How about some of you consider exit U.S. to trade. Find a place anywhere in the world that you like and fit. Of course, you need reliable internet to bring you to the exchanges. Your living cost may be not as high as your current situation. You probably will pay less taxes. Many benefits.


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