Enter Detroit at Your Own Risk

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    Enter At Your Own Risk: Police Union Says ‘War-Like’ Detroit Is Unsafe For Visitors

    DETROIT (WWJ) – The men and women of the Detroit Police Department believe the city is too dangerous to enter, and they want citizens to know it.

    Detroit Police Officer Association (DPOA) Attorney Donato Iorio said officers are holding the “Enter At Your Own Risk” rally at 3:30 p.m. Saturday in front of Comerica Park to remind the public that the officers are overworked, understaffed, and at times, fearful for their lives.

    “Detroit is America’s most violent city, its homicide rate is the highest in the country and yet the Detroit Police Department is grossly understaffed,” Iorio told WWJ’s Kathryn Larson. “The DPOA believes that there is a war in Detroit, but there should be a war on crime, not a war on its officers.”

    Iorio says the once 2,000 strong force is shrinking rapidly; since the start of summer, hundreds of officers have left the department.

    “These are the men and women who we look to protect us… and police officers can’t protect you if they’re not there. Officers are leaving simply because they can’t afford to stay in Detroit and work 12 hour shifts for what they are getting paid… These police officers are beyond demoralized, these officers are leaving hand over fist because they can no longer afford to stay on the department and protect the public,” he said.

    And that’s why Iorio cautions those who enter the city to be wary.

    “The explosion in violent crime, the incredible spike in the number of homicides and for officers trying to work 12 hours in such deplorable, dangerous and war like conditions is simple untenable,” he said.

    Iorio said the department today has less officers than ever, even though crime rates are through the roof.

    “By denying police officers the appropriate manpower, there’s a manpower crisis right now, there’s 1,000 fewer police officers today than there was 10 years ago, yet the homicide rate is higher. There’s more crime now than before, so if anything you need more officers, not fewer officers,” he said.


    And a good video, even if it is a bit old. Detroit is far worse today than it was in 2009 when this video was shot. But the reporter does a good job at describing what brought it to this state.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/1hhJ_49leBw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    I'm waiting for open season and a waiver for non residents having too have a hunting license.
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    Yup. They even have polar bears dropping from great heights on to cars. :D

    I saw the headline yesterday but after reading the story I understand what is going on here. The union is losing dues due to the loss of officers, the officers want the union to make the city hire more officers so they don't have to work so much and they probably want higher pay too. In the mean time, all the people are leaving the city since the entire place is a blight area. To think the union is concerned for the safety of citizens and tourists is probably stretching the truth of their motive.

    Solution: Bulldoze the parts of Detroit that are most blighted and shrink the city. And tell the police union to take a hike.
  4. Exactly. The teacher's unions have been pretty active this year as well. (Probably a hedge in case the Messiah loses next month). It's always some other list of excuses as to why they need huge raises and full benefits. There is never a "concession" that is considered. The taxpayers "serve them".

    Come to think of it, I think the entire Detroit PD should just leave...then one of the cable networks should go in there and do some reality tv. The place has absolutely NO hope of recovery...they've tried that a few dozen times. They should probably just let the place reach it's end.
  5. O.C.P. (Omni Consumer Products) is developing a "robot" police officer to deal with that problem in Detroit. :cool:
  6. Makers and takers.

    Makers can live on their own, takers need to prey on makers.

    Now, liberals, do you believe in building your own prosperity through your own faith, hard work, and perseverance? Do you have ballz to get beyond your infantile belief that your unhappiness is always someone else's fault?

    Or are all of your major cities going to end up like Detroit?

    A good place to start, for fixing places like Detroit, would be to stop worshiping brown people, feminists, anarchists, and victims.

    Problems like this don't exist where men worship the LORD.
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    You left out the most important one...stop worshiping government.
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    It's all because of racism!! If it wasn't for the Whites surrounding Detroit it would be a utopia!
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