ENT: Time to buy?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by slickman, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. slickman


    Looks like the bloodletting might be over now that it's back at 2004 levels. The yield is not likely to remain so high judging by the price however 25% upside looks relatively feasible in the near term.
  2. cnms2


    They say: "Don't try to catch a falling knife!"
  3. slickman


    up 21.6% today.

    i'm probably just lucky. I didn't buy it until it went up a buck already. a little chicken.
  4. Great call. :)
  5. BRAVO, BRAVO----WHAT A CALL....The best part was you did this the night before the move....and on a day where oil was down....

    Feel free to post any other picks I will be watching and waiting....I see the technicals now and it found support for sure on monday....But you called a 20% before it ever opened and signaled where it was heading....BRAVO...BRAVO

    Who says you can't make money with technicals....Random Walk my A*S.....


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