Enslavery was actually abolished because blacks are lazy?

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  1. They didn't work hard, thus a quite failed enterprise.

    So they finally abolished enslavery to (try) to get them back to africa?
  2. What was cheaper - to feed & house the slaves or pay them a shit wage and let them find their own food and housing?
  3. Blacks didn't get worthless until LBJ put them on the dole. I did enough construction worth along side them as a kid to know they work hard when they have too.
  4. Crgarcia... if you were born into slavery would you have a been a good obedient slave and worked diligently for your master? Would you have done a really good job picking that cotton while your master was back at the slave quarters fucking the shit out of your woman and daughter?

    Does a lazy slave point to a lazy master? A master too lazy to apply his whip in the appropriate manner. A master to busy fathering mulatto children, rather than making sure that his slaves got their work done quickly?
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    The historical record on this is huge, but in a nutshell I think it was abolished simply because the South got its ass kicked.

  6. I wouldn't call these stats an ass kicking by any means. Especially since the confederacy had to fight a military double its size.

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    Defense is easier than offense.
  8. The transatlantic slave trade was abolished for several reasons: (1) bankers found it more profitable to lend to industrial entrepreneurs (the new economy) than to the transatlantic slave trade (the old economy); (2) increase in (successful) slave revolts; (3) agricultural overproduction led to lower prices; (4) higher prices for slaves--rising labor costs: (5) it made more sense to sell industrial goods to Africa than to perpetuate the slave trade--why destroy a potential market by sending the best and brightest across the Atlantic?: and (6) rising abolitionist movements convinced some Christians, after centuries of Christians supporting slavery, that slavery was morally indefensible and therefore had to be abolished.
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    Well, it must have still been a hoot, kicking the South's ass.

  10. Had the north been reliant on agriculture, I wonder what history would have wrote.
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