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    Has anyone noticed that the user's manual for ESPL is at best....retarded???

    Trying to learn how to program with this is like a beginner trying to learn chinese by reading a chinese newspaper....the manual is totally unsystematic, completely disorganized, and doesn't attempt to break down how the expressions are to be used, nor does it even bother to define most of the expressions or provide an easy way to look them up.

    Anyone have a better source for how to learn ESPL?

  2. What you said about the manual being like learning Chinese ... is really funny. I was laughing my ass off.

    Anyway, I don't use ESPL but in reading through their website, it seems to me that ESPL is a derivation of Delphi / PASCAL.

    My suggestion is to go to a library or Barnes and Noble and get one of those learn Delphi or PASCAL in 21 days book. This way you get exposure to the core language which would make your learning curve less steep.

    Best of luck.
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    the best way to learn ESPL is to look at the examples. Try simple things. The sample.spt is there for that.
    Also they have a chat room and people might help you there too..

    on their web site, there is a page with more samples explaining how to do specific tasks.

    ESPL is really for programmers imo. It is much more difficult than Tradestation EZlanguage (which also is made easy by samples I must say).

    ESPL on the other hand is likely on of the most sophisticated thing out there. Stable and very versatile. But I really understand your frustration. During the trial I almost gave up, and if it was not for the poor customer handling at RavenQuote I would have given up on Ensign. I am glad I did not.