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  1. I would like to start a new thread for people that use eSignal with ensign.

    I am quite new with the product but I already have some ideas on what to enhance...
  2. First idea :

    Enhance the visual of graphs. Compared to eSignal and Qcharts, ensign graphs look old technology (in particular candlestick one). It is always difficult to describe what is wrong but I would like the eSignal graph touch... :)

    Second idea :
    Simulator DEMO symbol
    It would be good to define the price increment (to be able to do a future one or a stock one) instead of price increment of 0.1. The same for point value which is currently not possible (for Broker simulator)
  3. Neil


    Hi George,

    Just started trying ensign out along with esignal. I am having huge problems with esignal, seemingly due to the formulas I am using.. pivots etc.. makes it run way too slow for me... however ensign appears to be rapid pronto for the same stocks with the same pivots on charts..

    I am despairing of ever finding the right software for my purposes, but ensign using esignal feed looks promising.. maybe.. lol

    Excellent helpful paltalk group for ensign.. have you discovered that yet?

    One thing about ensign is that the espl language looks like it could pretty well do anything at all once you get the hang of it.. I will keep at it for the moment and let you know how I get on..

  4. I don't know if this product could be survive after the lots of news features that eSignal will add in the next releases. Maybe a complete integration could be the best thing that could happen for the both, just a suggestion, what do you think?
  5. Indeed the problem of this product is that the developper don't listen to you when you ask for a feature, don't tell about their development plan (I asked them and they answered the new feature list is SECRET) and so on...

    So they developp what they want and when they want...Sounds not customer oriented at all....
  6. Neil


    How does anyone find the chart data performance on ensign?

    I am quite interested in ensign.. some good features.. but seems a bit odd to me... I fire it up and there is always lots of data missing on my 5 min charts. I click it.. missing.. I click it again.. missing.. I click again.. loads correct.. then missing!
  7. I think the application is really fast compared to eSignal but you have to get used to it....which can take a lot of time...

    I also noticed the same problem with charts, if you move in the chart with arrows it will suddendly displays properly...
  8. I've had the exact opposite experience - I've had (and have seen) user requested changes/features added to the software in as little as a day or two. The developer makes himself available for Q&A on Paltalk, and also holds an informal class online on different features on a weekly basis.

    IMO the software may be a little intimidating to someone who isn't into tinkering with features, etc. But this is the power of the product - it can do anything you want it to do - some of it easily with parameters settings - all the way to programming things yourself - and everything in between.

    It is, IMO, BY FAR the most flexible charting package I've ever used - but I haven't used everything out there.
  9. I have asked him to add some fields to the very limited quote sheet they provide : I wanted to be able for example to display the high of day -2, or custom formulas in the quotesheet but he just said 'no sorry we don't want to do it, this is not planned and it would require a lot of change in our databasis'...

    When I say : ok so what is your plan ? He said sorry it is top secret....(???)....They also change the software nearly every day and it is impossible to know what has changed as it is written nowhere on their site...

    Each time I asked for a feature my request was rejected...

    With eSignal that will soon provide tick charts, I do think they should work on ensign week points : no scanner, no good quotesheets, no backtesting module...They increased the price to 39$/month recently without adding 33% of new features :)
  10. Certainly the weak points are going to be different for each user. For instance, I could care less about quotesheets or a scanner - and even less about a backtesting module.

    Ensign does have something they call "playback" where you can playback in either real time or double time the ticks of the day. This, IMO, beats any sort of backtesting because you "experience" the flow as it would have been live. IMO "normal" backtesting just sets you up for failure because most people won't trade their rules like a computer during realtime.

    Like I said earlier, Ensign probably isn't for everyone - nor is any other charting package. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.
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