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  1. It seems like everybody agree it's a great software. Can you backtest with it?
  2. They don't offer a free trial so we can't check it out to find out.
    Everybody likes it because of the price. It is cheaper than the other charting software. Doesn't mean it is better. And we can't find out for ourselves because they don't offer a demo.
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    To say they don't offer a free trial is totally incorrect. Ensign Windows provides a week trial. They might provide another week when requested if the one week trial expired.
  4. No they don't. I was just at their website. I don't see nothing about a free trial. Ensign does not offer a free trial. If they do, then post the link to the free trial. They don't offer a free trial.
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    It's free for the first week. Go to download and install the program.
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    Yes they do. You only need to download this actual progrm that has a one week trial. After the trial week, program does not work.
    Here is the link. http://www.ensignsoftware.com/download.htm
    I used Ensign for 15 months now and I know what's it about. I am satisfied using Ensign. The best in my view after using eSignal, QCharts and Advanced Get Chart. Why should I pay more when I can live with Ensign and IB live data feed for ES and EUR.
    Ensign is not cheap as you claimed, there are others that are free. And popular Sierra is one of them that is cheaper than Ensign but I just preferred Ensign and support from Howard is first class.
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    By the way ... this was taken from Ensign Web Site.

    Software Security
    After installing Ensign Windows, please verify the software security. If the software security is not properly configured then the program will expire and cease to function. Select Set-Up | Security from the menu to view the security window. The 'Status' box should display 'Paid' or 'Subscriber'. If the 'Status' box does not display 'Paid' or 'Subscriber' then call Ensign Software Support at 801-328-1382.
    Note: New installations have a 7 day Trial period to order the software before expiring.
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    can you buy the product outright??I hate these lease plans
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    I don't think so.
    It would be nice if Ensign offers this.
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