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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Ditch, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Ditch


    Ensign Windows will soon be released for the DTN-IQFeed. We anticipate a release in January 2003 for beta testing, with customer subscriptions beginning February 1st.

    IQFeed is an Internet data feed supplying real-time streaming market data and news. All US Equity and commodity exchanges (such as NYSE, Nasdaq, CBOT, CME, OPRA), as well as Canadian Stocks, and all major Indices will be available. Tick, minute, daily and weekly historical refresh data is included. Data can be either real-time or delayed. News sources include DTN News Room, Dow Jones Business News, AP, Business Wire, PR Newswire and more.

    The IQFeed base price is $44.50 per month for an annual subscription (www.DTNIQ.com). The fee for Ensign Windows is $39.95 per month. Additional details will be posted on the Ensign web site during the month of January when release dates are firmed up.

    Right now i'm paying $180/month for e-signal with ensign, this offer gives me the same value for $85. Not that $100 is such a big deal, but you get rid of the terrible custumer service of e-signal as a bonus.
  2. Does the IQFeed could also be used for Ensign or if only DTNIQ subscription is available?
  3. Interesting at first.... but the do not seem to offer any european, and especially Eurex, data.

  4. corvus


    Marathon DTN IQFeed does have a selection for Eurex. I just signed up for the trial and included Eurex, and I will let you know what I get...
  5. Tx corvus. I guess it's a feature they have just added.
  6. Hi Corvus,

    What's the data like for Eurex? Is it better than ESignal which has well documented issues?