Ensign why do some pro's like it?

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  1. Samson,

    How do you load more than one copy?!

    This is a huge issue with me. I have been told repeatedly that I cannot do this, unless I wish to pay for the extra "copies"

    When I try it, I get the message that I am already logged on.

    I wanted to do it so that there would be no time lag switching from workspaces by running 3 desktops at once (4 monitors each).

    To answer a previouys question, for multi monitors, you can stretch the program over as many as you want. Any program will do this. The monitors do not have to be the same size, but I think they have to be close. I run three 19's and 1 17" no problem. I think if you match old monitors with LCD's you have the size problem. Its more of a resolution thing.


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  2. Jay

    I personally have not done this and maybe your right about having to buy additional copies.

    I haven't needed to do this as I also stretch it across 3 screens myself without any difficulty.

    I do remember something about them saying save it under a slightly different directory but I'm no tech genius.

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  3. yeah,

    As far as I know, it can only be done if you pay for it. Using several monitors negates this need somewhat. Still it would be nice to toggle back and forth between layouts instantaneously.

    I had their head tech guy, Howard tell me I'd have to pay for each additional copy if I ran multi desktops.

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  4. Ooops... Ensign spreads across all of your monitors just fine. I
    updated Ensign to the newest version...

    Then again, all of you Ensign users already knew that... :p
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  5. Does any Ensign users know how to get Ensign to update it's
    charts when every trade comes in? Seems like it updates it's charts
    whenever it feels like it. How often does it update the chart anyway?
    About every 5 or 10 seconds? Definitely not every trade, that's for sure...:(
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  6. Are you using a data feed?
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  7. IB's data feed. The Ensign charts do not update along with what the T&S is doing... :confused:

    You can see ES trades on T&S go up/down a 1/4 pt and the chart
    stays at .25 or whatever and trades are going off at .50

    I remember the last time I trialed Ensign it did the same thing so
    I bailed ship. Is there somewhere where you can set how often
    the chart updates? In QuoteTracker you can set how often the
    chart updates (I have QT set at 0.3 seconds so it catches every
    tick from IB). In QT, they call it the "Stock Table Refresh Rate". I
    can't seem to find anything similar in Ensign. But Ensign has a lot
    of crooks and nannies to look in, so I probably just haven't found
    out where it is at yet... :(
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  8. CAzzaro


    I can't answer your question, but I can tell you this is a problem I don't have. I would suggest you call Support in the AM. Easy to get hold of and very helpful.
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  9. Quah


    I have always had the same problem - but with an Esignal feed. You don't really notice it except during after hours. If you have a T&S window open, and a chart - you can sometime see .25 tick, chart updates to .25 - then a .50 tick - chart doesn't move. Then another .50 tick - chart moves. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. But you are correct, the chart doesn't ALWAYS update every time T&S prints.

    I've mentioned this a couple of times to Ensign support - without any real resolution. I haven't really persued it recently - so I can't say they haven't been responsive - I just haven't pushed the issue.

    The only convern I have it during regular time hours - if I'm getting every update on the chart (tick charts/volume charts) or not. It's impossible to "see" when there is a lot of activity.
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  10. Quah


    Here is an example of the issue - this is an image of a chart I took when I reported the problem in June of 2003.

    Notice the time and sales - and notice what the chart says...
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