Ensign why do some pro's like it?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Samson77, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. duard


    So Ensign doesn't have capability to open multiple windows within the app and apply multiple charts to one screen or accross multple monitors?

    The software looks very nice!!!

    D. Uard
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  2. Who said that?

    I run it with about 25 windows open over 4 monitors.
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  3. duard


    What are the most reliable and least expensive data feeds for e-mini real-time data which will power Ensign?

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  4. I believe the DTN IQ feed is the cheapest real time data to run with it, although you can hook it up to IB's data for free if they are your broker, but you don't get every tick that way, and I'm not sure about any historical data. You get ten years with the DTN, and several months intraday.

    IQfeed is 70 bucks for the real time futures package, I think. Then you have the 10 to 15 bucks on top of that for eminis. I am not sure about this as they may just throw in the minis for the $70. I have other exchanges, so I pay more.

    You can also use Signal data at more than twice the cost. Identical in speed. Not sure if it is cleaner. I have used both, and both have the occaisional bad tick.

    The DTN feed has been interrupted on me only one time. Used to happen quite often when I used Signal. Haven't used Signal for about 2 years though.

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  5. If you have an account with IB it's all FREE and VERY reliable.

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  6. keeda


    Quote from sprstpd:
    How many days back does the historical intraday data go?

    Depends on your settings for the particular charts you are looking at...i.e, 40 min intraday bar gives roughly 10 bars per day. You can set the chart preferences to store say 5000 bars per chart. this will give you 500 days of historical intraday data. 5min bar charts with your settings of 10000 bars will give you 125 days. you can retreive the amount of data to fill your charts from your data contributor. I use Esignal which will allow roughly 6 months of data (I think) historical intraday data. I believe the limit on the amount of bars for intraday chart files is 65000. But of course this means that your files will be HUGE!!! Also, the greater the amount of bars you have set for individual charts, the longer they take to load up. Although this time limit is not so great.

    I have some settings where I load 72 chart over 4 monitors with each chart containing 5000 bars. takes on average 3-4 seconds to load up. With less bars per chart, it is faster.
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  7. keeda


    To make myself clear on the last post, that was 3-4 seconds for all 72 charts.
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  8. I believe it was me who mentioned that with Ensign you cannot move
    a chart outside the boundaries of the charting package. This process
    is called "free-floating windows"

    So all of your monitors have to be the same size or same monitors
    or you will have a space where you get to see your desktop!

    If I am wrong about the above someone please speak up because
    it has been about a year since I last had a trial with Ensign.
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  9. You can not free float but you can load 2,3 or as many copies of the software you like and have as many windows open as nessessary.
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  10. Samson,

    Do you need to multiple installs to do this - because I can't launch a second copy. (for inf. I'm using free evaluation ensign with QCharts feed).

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