Ensign vs Sierra vs Ninja

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Arnie, Feb 20, 2010.

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    Currently use Ensign with IB data feed. Thinking about switching to either Sierra or Ninja since they both support IB feed. Ensign has raised price and it still has issues with data refresh. Not the bargain it used to be.

    I would be very interested in anyone elses experince with these platforms. I mainly trade ES, NQ, and stocks. Don't do any automated stuff...yet. My charts are very simple...no indicators but I do use trendlines.
  2. I use Ensign and Ninja with IB data feed to trade futures. I mostly use trendlines also and I don't like the charting in Ninja. I just use ninja to enter orders off of the chart. Also Ninja does not handle the IB data feed as well of Ensign. Ninja has issues with IB sampled data sometimes. Ninja does not have a log scale which I use in Ensign. I think Ninja is better with other data feeds. I have a lifetime license of Ninja and I think in the next version the charting is much better. In short, Ninja works well but the charting is a big step down from Ensign windows.
  3. One scalp in Es or NQ will pay for Ensign.
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    What you don't like and what you will want to have?

  5. Would like Log scale support. Also will like more ways to configure the scaling on the Y - axis. Would like better ways to configure the open and close time for different markets. Drawing trend lines on volume charts are not smooth sometimes. Would like an option to start new volume or Tick bar on market open. I would like to be able to invert charts to show them upside down. Would like to do 3D candle bars like Ensign. In short, Ninja is not bad just not great yet .
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    Very interesting. I wanted to know because from some time we are developing from scratch something new and out of the box and I am watching what traders are looking for.

    Besides log scale what else? I would add scaling:
    1) in predetermined step
    2) beginning from specific price
    3) automatically determined from several instruments' Y values
    4) automatically determined from multiple time frames

    This is important - the first and last hour being most watched.

    Not possible with old graphic technologies, but now it is possible if the software is developed from scratch to implement latest GPU capabilities.

    That is new and interesting.

    These features - do you got them from some existing platform or you just thinking - good to have?
  7. The only reason I dont recommend Sierra is if you have problems you'll be dealing with major leage ass-hole Anthony (I think he is a partial owner) and he has bad attitude, if he gets frastrated with your support questions...he'll close the thread and ban you.....there is no way to pick up phone and call. just heads up.
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    sierrachart gets my vote, show me the charts features you want and I will see if can match that in sierrachart, as far as support concern just remember they are charting service not the data feed provider.
  9. I use Sierra, I really like it.

    The only thing I would have them improve on is the backtesting. Far too slow IMO. They do have a great feature with auto trading though with a excel worksheet feature. It is how I come up with all my formula's etc.

    So they have a ways to catch up in that dept. IMO, but other than that it's pretty nice.
  10. There is telephone support with Sierra. It will cost you, but there is.
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