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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jayford, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Can anyone here tell me why Ensign cannot create "floating" windows so that maxing a window in a multi monitor environment will only max to the screen the chart it is already on, vs all monitors at once?

    I've discovered that QT does this, and its a free program! So it can't be that tough. I know Howard refuses to do this. I just do not understand why. I love the software otherwise.

    imo, the biggest hassle with a multi monitor environment is resizing the damn windows all the time (dragging vs just clicking on the things).

    Other software programs also have work arounds for this, but they are usually expensive and/or require you to run a separate instance of the program on each monitor (Aspen).

  2. TGM


    they did it before and there was problems with some issues --so they had to nix that version. There was problems with the Chat feature at least that is what Howard told me.

    Everyone complains about this. Ensign is a great program and this is one of the only drawbacks. They just brought in a new chat feature ---so maybe they will have a new version with floating windows again.

    The only thing I can tell you is to keep complaining!
  3. Quotetracker has a lot of other nice features too. I switched from ensign when QT added the scaling function which we lobbied for here on ET. Have gotten a few more things added since then. Best support out there. Ensign has a few more bells and whistles, tho, but I dont need them. (I especially like the way Ensign will let you fatten your ohlc bars :) but thats the only thing I miss.)
  4. There are some bells and whistles I need on Ensign, but would switch in a heartbeat if I could find something similar with the floating windows feature.