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  1. I am looking to get some objective feedback on Ensign. I have done some preliminary homeworks and it looks good. I know they have a 30 day trial, but I want to get some feedback from ET before trying since there is a learning curve over my charting software, Sierra.

    Ensign seems to offer alot more advanced studies than Sierra for only a few bucks more per month. Is anyone using it with TransAct data? Does it offer historical backfill from TransAct?

    I seem to have read that they fixed the refresh issue? Is that correct? That seemed to be the biggest complaint on Ensign?

    What should I beware of coming as a new user for Ensign?

    Is the support good? I don't like that with Sierra I can only post questions in a forum, no e-mail support. Overall Sierra is a decent value though.

    Is the user interface easy? I am not looking to write custom studies at all. The advanced studies built in look good, like Pesavantos ( fib geometry and map ) and Pyrapoint. I don't currently use them, but for a few bucks more per month it might be fun to try them out.

    Thanks for your constructive feedback. :cool:

    Post edit: Is Ensign a multi thread application?
  2. Refresh issue still remains, at least fopr me, but it is great and very flexible charting software. You can do a lot of stuff with it.

    $40 a month ain't too shabby.
  3. What are the issues with refresh please? Slow, does it lock up, crash? I guess I don't understand what is refreshing? My data just comes from TA and updates real time in Sierra? There is no refreshing unless their is bad data and then I edit and delete.
  4. I use it for EOD multiyear futures data charting..

    I love it so far. Has the ability to import ascii data.
  5. Nothing major, as I trade using daily bars....but sometimes the data will look like it has bad ticks or will be missing, hard to explain...but sometimes the charts will just look really gappy, kind of like if you look at a futures chart and the older data is choppy as its from the old contract? Kind of like that...

    It's as simple as clicking the refresh button but it does exist. I imagine it would be significantly more troublesome for an intraday trader than for me.

    Hope that helped.
  6. Thanks that is helpful as I am day trader that is scalping for 8-10 tick right now.
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    I've been using Ensign since it was a DOS product with the Bonneville satelite feed. The biggest issue I have is the refresh. I don't use any indicators, but they have em all, plus they have ESPL, so you can program your own studies. Charting is the best I have used. I like nice clean charts with maybe a T/L. You can annotate charts too. They have a playback function that is very good way to practice. There customer support is excellent and they will many times incorporate your suggestions. I use it with the IB data feed so it's about as cheap as you can get.
  8. Thanks for the feedback Arnie. Do you day trade and/or scalp as I do? If you do, do you find the refresh is a big deal?

    Other feedback is appreciated. :cool:
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    While your awaiting his answer IMO it's depends in part on your data feed and whether your normally always connected or frequently moving around such as with a laptop. Where your not always connected. With a stationary computer (always connected) and even a decent feed backfill/refresh won't be much of an issue.
    I use a laptop I travel with and therefore it's frequently not connected and I have to refresh the charts before I can get started. I'm using IB/DTN. MOST of the time it's exceptable but occasionally I am a little disappointed.
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    Charting is great, but I would like to see a more detailed time & sales.
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