Ensign Software needs my IB Password...

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Hans B, Jun 9, 2007.

  1. Hans B

    Hans B

    and I don't feel comfortable giving them the user ID and password to my IB account. Does anyone else share my concerns? I assume this means there's no way I can use Ensign with IB.

  2. You must be new to using charting software (Ensign/QT etc)with free quotes from IB.
    I use Quote tracker with Optionsxpress in one pc in which I have to fill in OXPS username+password.
    In another 2 pcs QT gets live quotes from IB TWS .(no need to give IB username/password)
    Iam not using Ensign .But thousands of ET ers do.
    I wonder whether Ensign will work with IB demo which is almost equal to IB real =quotes wise. You can run TWS in a separate computer & trade on the ensign signal.
    I do run another QT in a 3rd PC with IB demo sometimes.
    Anyway dont worry about giving username/password.That lies in your pc & not in Ensign servers.Hope this helps .I have been there before!!
  3. siki13


    I tried once ensign and if i remember correctly you have to give username and password only if you want ensign
    to open TWS when you run it.
  4. Hans B

    Hans B

    i set up an IB paper trade account, and it should be approved by Tuesday. Thanks so much for the demo account suggestion - I think it will work perfectly, while addressing my security/abuse concerns.

    kind regards,