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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Joab, Feb 6, 2008.

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    I use and love Ensign but it's owner is a major tinkerer and is constantly updating the software every friggin 2 days.

    As any serious trader knows - Your workspace is critical and every time they do one of these updates it usually screws everything up and it's a pain in the ass.

    In there last update whenever I enter a new symbol (that I haven't had open during market hours) for my evening preparations the current end of day daily candle closes at the low of day - this happens with every symbol, so basically I can not see a real candle and its correct close.

    How in the world can anyone prepare for the next day with this kind of data ?

    Howard, the owner of course blames esignal but that's stupid because esignals Daily charts are fine end of day.

    I would advise anyone considering the learning curve to steer clear of this software because as soon as you learn it Howard will change it.

    I've written him many times on his persistent changes but he is just a stubborn fool and does what he wants regardless of the cost to his customers.

  2. PolarTim


    Can you roll back to the previous version that worked for you?

  3. I use it to. I was updating mine with every new release but as I did, things seemed to get a little different. More sluggish, weird chart artifacts, etc.

    So I went back to the 11/3 version and have forgotten about updating anymore. This version has been steady as a rock for me so I see no need to upgrade unless one of the upgrades includes a new tweak to a feature I use.

    If you go the downloads page, you can still download this version under "Prior Ensign Version". Give it a try.
  4. I completely agree. Been using Ensign for about a year and had tons of database refresh issues with Esignal data on the new version so I now use the old November version.

    The November version is pretty solid but I did notice that occasionally some bars are not fully filled on random charts and I have to do a manual refresh?!?!?

    I just want to know that the chart I'm looking at is accurate?!?!?

    Is that too much to ask??

    Can anyone recommend any good alternatives?
  5. MultiCharts has no refresh issues but you need a decently new computer to get the full functionality out of it. MultiCharts isn't to be used on a P4 with 1 gig of ram. A minimum of a dual core required.

  6. thanks for the suggestion. I looked into Multicharts but I also have ninja trader (which I use for order entry) and the two seem very similar.

    I am looking for a platform that can automate the following:

    Daily Pivots, Weekly Pivots, Monthly Pivots, Daily Fib Levels, Opening Range.

    I also want the ability to easily customize my own alerts.
  7. Joab


    The problem I have with the previous versions is that when the data provider changes something then you are forced to update anyways and that usually happens last minute then your screwed for the day.

    When will these companies learn the simple motto of : If it aint broke, don't fix it.

    Please feel free to post other alternatives to Ensign.

    I used Sierra Charts awhile back and may visit them again.
  8. Same thing here. Latest update was taking an eternity to update and load charts. Have likewise uninstalled and installed the 11/03 version which is a real improvement. However, agree with last post and feel an update should be an improvement on performance and not retrograde. I like Ensign for the price and the fact I can use Button Trader simultaneously alongside Ensign with the IB feed. I would also appreciate any alternative suggestions.
  9. If you trade intraday and use leverage I hope your not using these toys.

    If you just pretend your a trader its ok.

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