Ensign Software and PC Crashes/BSOD

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ES335, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. ES335


    I know that there's quite a few Ensign users on ET. I was hoping that someone could share their experience with the charting software, I'm curious to know if the software is stable and if it has ever caused PC to crash, or result in that 'blue screen of death'

    Can anyone help? The last thing I want to do is have Ensign on my PC only to have it crash it frequently... I have downloaded the internet version and it has locked up more than once now.

  2. just21


    Update all the drivers for your pc.
  3. Lucrum


    I did their one week trial recently. Not a lot of screen time admittedly but I had no crashes. In fact I plan to switch to Ensign
    next month.
  4. gk1998


    how much RAM do you have and what are your specs ?
  5. Bsulli


    There was a long time that access violation errors would occur but never had a BSOD with the product. But starting back in spring of this year a real focus on cleaning up the problem resulted in stable software. I have run the 10/05 build since it's release without a single lock/freeze or crash. I used the product for many years and left late last year because of the stabliity issues. Since returning back in August I haven't had any problems. It's a well supported product by both the user community and tech support.


  6. Bob111


    do the search about BSOD and write down what exactly do you have on screen. as already been mentioned-there lot of other things that may cause it. most of the time it driver or hardware.
  7. lcw


    I have used Ensign for the past 3.5 months and I did not encounter any blue screen or pc crashes. Ensign is very stable from the 3.5 months usage. I am using Ensign with IB live data feed. This is my best charting software in my opinion after using Advanced Get Charts and QCharts for 2 years.

  8. How does the historical data backfill work? what's your total cost?
  9. lcw


    I pay US$39.95 per month included all the ES full historical data coming from DTN Market Access. I only trade the ES and no issue getting the other future indexes ... YM, NQ, ER2.
    I can also have ES #F which is the continuous contract for the emini S&P. Ensign serves my needs without the need to pay CME exchange fee when I choose Ensign package linked to IB Live data feed.
    Historical data are downloaded and stored in own PC. Accessing charts on weekend without any problem even when no access to IB, unlike Advanced Get Charts there was no way to access chart when IB does not offer weekend login. But with Ensign no problem. You may like to go to their web site for more detailed infomation.
    Hope this helps.
  10. Bsulli



    Pretty concise explanation of IB and backfill and possible cost of ownership.

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