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  1. Does Ensign allow you to adjust the scaling on your charts? The main problem I have with Sierra and QT is that you cannot set your own scaling. Sierra will allow you to adjust the range to a user defined setting but you have to go back and reset it every time you move out of the range which is a pain. It is very important to me to keep the scaling on my charts constant. Esignal allows you to do this but I track bonds and the euro and dax with IB data and would like to find a API app that would let you do this.

    edit: tried to delete this but for some reason it wont do it. I downloaded the demo version and found the answer which I should have done in the first place.:) It does allow scaling and just about everything else it looks like.
  2. yup, Ensign is top notch..

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    I already have esignal and it seems that it got all basic features.
    Now that I am reading all these great things about ensign.
    Do I still need ensign if I have esignal?
    Can somebody explain the added values of signing up again with ensign?

  5. I dont think you really need Ensign if you have Esignal. I am using it because Iwant to track bonds, etc without having to pay exchange fees and I like having backup charts. Esignal charting is fine for most applications imo.

    p.s. I am having problems with the Ensign symbols for dax and estx50. Anybody help?
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    Hi Easyreader:
    Just questions on ensign's use:
    If I don't sbscribe bond (CBT) on esignal, can I still access Bond in
    ensign? HOw about Dax, eurostoxx and others?

    Also, if I use esignal as my data feed and it goes down, wouldn' ensign also go down? If I also have IB, can I just switch the data feed easily in case esignal goes down? I think this is a good idea to have back up.
  9. You can access the bonds thru IB data. Dax and estx costs $8 a month additional to IB. If your using Ensign with Esignal then of course if Esignal goes down (I dont ever recall this happening) Ensign would also be down. I am using Ensign with the IB data. I dont think you can switch because there is a separate download for each data feed and I believe the billing is also different.
  10. Ensign has more and better indicators.. more control over the parameters etc.. i wouldnt use esignal without ensign personally.. but, everyone has their own opinion i suppose..

    as far as DAX and Eurostoxx symbols.. you need to make sure that you have the correct market times set for the symbols.. Dax is "AX H4-DT" and Eurostoxx is "ET H4-DT"

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