Ensign Lock Lines Function

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Whamo, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Whamo


    I use the latest Ensign dated 7/10/03 and would like to take support and resistance lines drawn on a 5 minute chart and have those same lines show up on a new 15 minute (or whatever timeframe) chart. Ensign support told me to use the lock lines feature and I have tried it but the lines don't carry over to a new chart nor do they stay locked in the original chart. Does anyone use this feature successfully?

    Here is how I am doing it now. Once I'm done drawing the lines on the 5 minute chart, I make sure that the chart is still selected and I then click on the padlock icon w/ the L on it to close it(actually I've tried both the Lines and Study) but it doesn't lock the lines or carry over to a new 15 minute chart. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
  2. McCloud


    Whamo, it should work, I have the same version (7/10) ...try locking both "Lock Studies" and "Lock Lines" and then change your time frame..
  3. I just tried it on mine but did it different. First I doubt this is the difference but I have the version before yours.

    I can draw a line on the 5 min chart, hit lock line, then change that SAME chart's time frame to a 15 min chart and the line is still there.
  4. Whamo


    I have tried locking both the studies and the lines and each one individually with the same results. Even locking the lines and changing the timeframes on the same chart doesn't work for me. The lines don't lock and don't carry over to the new time frame. (although this doesn't meet my requirements.) I'm trying to save myself time by not having to draw the same lines on 3 different SP charts every night. I got this to work once, but could never get it to work again. I run this on Windows 2000 w/ SP3.

    Thanks for the responses so far!
  5. balda


    How do you change time frame? by clicking on the clock? I've got Windows 2000 and PIII
    with ensign 7/1/03 and it works perfectly by locking lines.
  6. Whamo. Appears there is a bug in July 10 version-I'm having same problem. Revert back (Via Download-Upgrade) to the July 1 version.
  7. Whamo


    I usually right click and select Times off that menu. My hunch is that it works but not for my system. Maybe a de-install and re-install will fix it. I couldn't get this to work for at least the last 3 Ensign versions.
  8. Whamo


    I just got off the phone w/ Ensign and here is what works and how.

    The trendlines drawn on one chart should stay on that chart once you lock the lines. However, I couldn't get my to work until I added the symbol that I was using on the chart onto the Custom Quote Page. After I added the symbol I pulled the chart up from the quote page and was able to draw the lines, lock the lines, and change timeframes w/ in the same chart and the lines stayed.

    The support person that I talked to said that you can't lock the lines and have them come up on another chart (same symbol) with a different timeframe. I will respond back to the email that I received from the original Ensign person who said this will work and see if he can confirm he got this to work and how he did it.
  9. Whamo


    I received an email back from the Ensign support person and he said he was mistaken, you cannot have the same trendlines carried over to charts with different timeframes.