Ensign / IQfeed serious lag. WTF!!!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by CoralReef, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. I am so sick of the 20 second chart lag during fast trading (fed days, etc)

    Anybody with a iqfeed/ensign charts setup have these issues?

    Is it the data feed or ensign? Don't know. I email ensign a while ago and they gave me some bullshit idiotic response that made no sense.

    I am so sick of it.
  2. I have always wondered about the delay. 20 second seems like an overstatement but it definitely does exist. I mean we do pay for the feed I would think it would be accurate. I'm to lazy to switch I guess.
  3. Hey, nice to know I'm not the only one.

    I am also not exaggerating about the lag time. I measured it today after the fed announcement, 20 freakin seconds!
  4. Sorry to say this, but past comments on here about IQ Feed would suggest that your experience is pretty normal. I know it sucks but there apparently doesn't exist a data feed at the IQ Feed price point which offers reliability.

  5. Wow, if thats true that is highly disappointing.

    Anybody else have lag using iqfeed today (ES in particular) and are maybe using some other charting other than ensign?
  6. When did you experience these data lags?

    My feeds were fine during the early part of the day.

    I caught the early sell-off, scalped a couple of points to the upside as support came in, and was done before ... oh 12:30pm.


    DTN/IQ Feed supplies a lot of support and goes out of their way to deal with difficult situations (like corrupted data, delayed data feeds, incompatible charting specs).

    I know (for a fact) that it's a pain in the ass but we have to work through it to get to the "sweet spot".


  7. I'm talking about after 2. Slow/average times are fine.
  8. Yeah.

    Checking my calender there was an FOMC Meeting Announcement @ 2:15pm.

    You should never be in the market at those times with this product unless you like throwing dice and flipping coins in lieu of actual trading.

    Your next level up is CQG (don't know their fees), and then after that you have commercial level data feed from DTN which costs around $400-$500 per month.

    Let us all know when you're ready for that one! :)
  9. gttrader


    Not sure if it might be an Ensign issue as I am using IQfeed with Multicharts and didn't have any lag for the FOMC yesterday.
  10. Right, I'm not sure it actually is iqfeed. I'm hoping its ensign. I'm going to try running qcharts during next fed day and see what happens.
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