Ensign - IB combo

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  1. Ensign may be getting an unfair rap here. For an explanation go to:


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  2. CAzzaro


    Looks like my statements regarding "delayed fill" are incorrect.

    But this shows you what a non-starter this is for me. I have approximately 80 symbols loaded into my TWS. All of these are in quote pages in Ensign, from which I can access a chart if necessary.

    I turn my TWS on early in the AM, so that all charts are updating all day long with real time IB data. I have experienced next to no need for back fill data, except for the occasional time when I institute a new symbol. Not sure how frequent I do this, but it's infrequent.

    I think this is a great solution for the price.

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  3. I also use IB. It only does backfill for the current day and I needed backfill for several days back and did a one month trial of myTrack/Trackdata. It worked very well and the cost for myTrack is reasonable (~$45-50/mo) not including fees for some exchanges.

    One oddity I found is that myTrack uses some very usual symbols, unlike those in common use by the exchanges and other data feeds.
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