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  1. How can one get consistent Tick charts on Ensign with IB feed.

    I trade mainly ES, love the charting capabilities of Ensign and have picked up a few tricks from dacharts. My main problem is to get consistent tick charts. IB data is the fastest and also free for me. However, every time I hit refresh the chart changes as the IB tick count is not the same as the backfill and the backfill is 10 mins delayed.

    If Jerry at QT can manage to get IQfeed to provide backfill upto "real time", why can't ensign ? Also how do other users of Ensign/IB manage any chart other than minute charts?

    Seeking suggestions.. Thanks
  2. CAzzaro


    I don't use "tick charts". I use bar charts. But on bar chart the backfill is not 10 minutes delayed.

    Frankly, I don't use the refresh feature much anyway unless I pull up a new symbol. But since you trade mainly the ES, I can't see why you'd be pulling up new symbols. Therefore, simply running Ensign and IB during market hours ought to keep your data correct and you would not need refresh.


  3. Well,

    You have brought up a question I have been asking myself for quite awhile now...

    Why in the hell can't Ensign get their backfill act together?

    Unbelievable that when you hit "refresh" on any symbol you always have missing backfill.

    This puts a big HOLE in the chart.

    Like you say, Jerry at QT can get IQFeed to backfill to the tick/minute
    using IQFeed, but Ensign can not do the same using DTN...

    Are not these 2 from the same company?

    I guess for $39.95 one does not deserve a decent backfill.

    I have been cancelling and un-cancelling my subscription almost
    every month because of this fact! I like Ensign charting, but their
    backfill is from outer space.

    I have noticed on their website they now call their charting package
    "superior investment Software".

    I guess this means it isn't for traders.... :(

    Not only that, but when the market starts to move quickly, the
    data from IB coming into Ensign lags where in QT it does not.

    And to top it off, the data comes in spurts compared to the data
    from IB coming into QT. The data is also different from the data that
    comes into QT. The Ensign/IB data is broken down more into smaller
    lots. I don't even think it comes from IB. I think it comes from outerspace!

  4. Better check out those bar charts more closely after a refresh or
    if you start up a little after the market starts... Maybe you are using
    eSignal for data/backfill?

    And you can't see why he would be pulling up new symbols if he
    "mainly" trades ES? I believe that would mean there are other
    symbols he trades... :confused:

    I think Ensign should put up a disclaimer on their website that says:

    "Our DTN backfill is delayed and useless for 1-3-5 minute/tick/volume and bar charts"

    Okay all you happy camper Ensign users, have at me... :D
  5. This is very annoying if you do a refresh during the trading day. Ensign told me most folks just open up a tick chart and leave it alone. Thats what you get for $39.00. You must admit it is a good product for the price with IB feed.
  6. ozzy


    Same problem here. I think a monkey programmed the backfill/refresh function.

  7. CAzzaro


    It sounds to me like you and I are using two different products. I'm using the Ensign that seems to work fine, and you're using the one that doesn't.:D Seriously. I normally use 5 minute bars. Normally I don't have to refresh since I watch the same charts every day, and I have my computer running during market hours.

    But when I have occasionally pulled up a new symbol and refreshed, I have no problem at all. The data is not delayed. There are no holes. I'm using their standard backfill, which I believe is from IQ feed.

    By the way, I recommend disabling the "history server" and the "intraday server", so that they do not interfere in the IB quotes during market hours.

    I've seen your negative remarks regarding Ensign in the past Version77. I'm suprised you continue to use them given what you indicate in your negative posts. But for my part I am quite satisfied with the Ensign/IB combo, to include the IQ feed backfill.

  8. I have no major issues with delays in IB into Ensign or with minute charts. I just want proper tick charts and suggestions for the same - choosing Esignal doesn't seem reasonable - given that there are numerous posts about Esignal lagging IB on critical days.. FWIW I don't mind paying 100 bucks for data ( I pay more than that a day in comm to IB)...

    Not interested in Ensign bashing - I love the charts. Just want upto real time tick charts..
  9. You say your backfill "seems"? to work fine. Okay.. Try using 1-min
    charts or tick charts and say it "seems" to work fine..

    Perhaps disabling the "history server" and the "intraday server"
    will help if it interferes with IB quotes during market hours. If this
    makes a difference I will be the first to post it here for all to see.

    And as far as the whole 1 thread where I and "others" too...
    complained about T&S not matching up with the charts... well...
    at the end of that thread I said it was working okay. Probably was
    a clunky version of Ensign I was using at the time.

    I know! Tomorrorow I will post a pic of ES on this thread showing
    a nice little "hole" in their backfill. Maybe you will believe it is real then... :p

    Oh, and writing here at ET about software that is not up to snuff is
    not negative. It is REAL ! :D

    I think this deserves a brand new thead all by itself! Here we go!... :eek:

  10. Sad to hear that Ensign told you "most folks just open up a tick
    chart and leave it alone"... Sounds like this is cemented into the structure of Ensign...

    Great product with one glaring problem... bad backfill... :(
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