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  1. Spoo


    Hello. I hoped someone could help me with Ensign Chart package.

    I want to chart a daily spread of 2 futures contracts (simple enough you would think). I can chart the correct data for both legs with ease, so I know Ensign has the correct data to make the spread chart with.

    When I create the spread chart though, I find that the last (most recent) value does not plot. I can see that Ensign has the right value if I put my cursor over where the last price should be, I just can't see it.

    This is driving me mad as I need to SEE the spread lines last value in order to make decisions. I can't trade without it, so its getting urgent. I may have to go back to e-signal.

    I have tried the Ensign Help (chat, email, etc) but have not had any luck.

    I hoped someone here could help.

    Thank you.
  2. fader


    are you creating a custom symbol for spread or are you using the Overlay study?

    i think i had a similar issue when i used the Overlay study on tick charts.

    i got around it by creating a DYO study - the DYO study was either referencing the Overlay study or i had the secondary instrument of the spead in a separate open chart and the DYO was referencing it via a global variable; it was a while ago so i can't remember the specifics.

    what do you mean you have tried Ensign support, did they say you can't do it?

    perhaps you can post more details here and i can take a look.

    best of luck.
  3. Spoo


    Thanks for the reply.

    I have tried both overlay and custom symbols. Both have the same problem.

    I don't know enough yet about the DYO study.

    As for Ensign Support, I mean I tried the on-line help, live chat (who told me to e-mail the issue). I e-mailed my problem, and I got an e-mail back saying: 'well, we can create a spread without a problem, so we cant help' - along with an example of their chart without my problem.

    This kind of frustrates me even more because now I know EW can do what I want to do, but it must be something silly like a setting I havent checked.

    Anyway, attatched is a chart of my problem. The ohlc bars show Z6 and is fine. Note the blue line. It shows the missing value on the spread line. I can't see a corresponding spread value for that last bar on the chart. The spread is EDZ6-EDZ7 (I think from memory)
  4. fader


    my guess is you haven't refreshed the @EDZ7 symbol - ensign does not refresh the overlayed symbol automatically (i don't know why, i guess it would be a useful feature).

    you can see on my attached chart i have both the bars and the spread.

    so you need you open up the EDz7 chart, refresh it.
    then open up the primary edz6 chart and it should work.

    i don't know why Ensign support couldn't help, i have always been able to get help from them.

    good luck.
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  5. roctrend


    Hope this helps. Why dont you look at help section of Ensign. Moreover, when I requested help on spread chart creation over a year a ago; they emailed me a link to a video showing how to create spread charts...C'Mon now....
    Spread Charts
    A Spread Chart is created by subtracting an Overlay chart from a Host chart. Spread charts can be opened in two ways.

    1) Enter Symbol--Symbol in the Charts panel (example: IBM--MSFT.D). Note: There are 2 minus signs that separate the symbols. The first symbol will be the host, the second symbol will be the overlay spread symbol. Enter the Time Frame after the 2nd symbol.

    2) Add the Overlay study object to a Host chart, then specify the overlay ‘Chart Type’. Open the Properties window for the Overlay, and then select 'Spread Line' or 'Spread Chart' from the 'Chart Type' drop-down list to cause the Overlay chart to be subtracted from the Host. For example, to display a spread chart of IBM minus MSFT, first display the IBM chart as the Host, then click the Studies button and select 'Overlay Chart'. Enter MSFT in the 'Symbol' entry box. Select 'Spread Chart' as the Chart Type and then click OK. The resulting spread calculation will be displayed on the Host chart as either a Line or as Spread Bars. Optional multipliers or price offsets can be entered in the 'Parameters' panel to adjust the value of the Host and Overlay chart data.

    Note: The selections of 'Spread Chart' and 'Ratio Chart' will plot as bars, where open prices give a specific point for the open evaluation, close prices give the close evaluation, and then the high and low of the bars is the maximum or minimum evaluations from the pairings. This is the best reconstitution of the bar range that we can assemble after the fact from the bar history.
  6. Spoo


    Fader - yes, I have refreshed both charts, but no success.

    As I said - I can see I have the correct data, the problem is simply Ensign is not plotting the last value in the overlay chart/ spread line, even though the correct value has been calculated (I can see this if I put the cursor over the area where the spread line should continue.

    Roctrend - Reading the on-line help was my first port of call some weeks ago believe it or not! I have also watched the video. I have also confirmed in the on-line chat with Ensign that the way I am creating the charts is correct.

    I have also updated my package to the most recent release (updated yesterday).

    Still no change.
  7. fader


    that's a weird one - see if you can do this:

    1. go to the overlay study properties - check Lock Shift L/R and also check Show Values

    2. check your settings in Parameters->Shift L/R - make sure they are zero

    3. for testing, set chart type to Same as host

    4. go back to the chart.

    5. put your mouse over the last bar and see if you get the values for the overlayed symbol as they show on my chart - in the top left panel.

    if this still doesn't work - the only other thing i can think of is there is some sort of a scaling issue - maybe post a screenshot of what you get from the above and a screenshot of your settings for the overlay study.
  8. Spoo


    1/ Done.
    2/ Done.
    5/ Done.

    Fader - thanks for this, but I can't even get a spread line up now.

    EW haven't even acknowledged the emails I sent over the weekend. What great customer service!
  9. Spoo, why don't you use live support? Emails take 2nd place to live calls for help.
  10. Spoo


    At last!!! I have a working spread charts running!

    The issue was because I needed a margin on the chart/blank spaces, rather than running the bars to the hard rhs edge. Anyway, support have kindly updated EW so I can build charts right up to the chart scale.

    How many people think e-signal would have been this responsive??

    Im a very happy Ensign Windows customer now. It does everything I want and loads more.

    EW + IQ feed puts esignal to shame.
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