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    Wow, i just read the latest Ensign newsletter and here's some great news: Ensign is now available for IB-datafeed. This is exactly what i've been looking for for Eurex: the fastest data-feed combined with one of the best charting packages. There's also a good read on trading in general in their newsletter. Here's the link:

  2. Its about time.:)
  3. Thats great news that Ensign finally did this. Is there also a way to program Ensign to send orders to TWS?
  4. Ditch


    It can be done in ESPL.
  5. Merc


    What about backfill?
    IB doesn't provide one.
  6. I'm just guessing, but I wouldn't be surprised if that's in the works. Eventually, it'll be built in, and will probably leave an arrow or something on the chart, so you can see immediately where your fill was.

    And, I wouldn't be surprised if in later versions, the software will place the trades for you automatically when you run a system.

    The only thing it doesn't have and needs (at least for me) is refresh of tick charts. It will leave a gap if you lose your internet connection.

    However, it will refresh minute charts, so if you use 5 minute charts or something you're in good shape.
  7. Ensign uses free sources for backfill. Is it reliable? I guess we'll see.
    This is only the beta version, but I like what I'm seeing. :)
  8. Does anyone else notice that on the playback for any of the futures for Ensign for IB, that the price scale is incorrect? I checked on the Quote.com version of Ensign and that works fine. I sent an email to Ensign about it but have yet to receive a reply. Theres an attachment here illustrating the problem.
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  9. nasdorq


    I'm considering switching from esignal to IB for my ensign data feed, but I'm wondering if anybody finds there to be a difference. I know esignal's data is one of the most reliable and fastest. IB doesn't seem to have as many ticks, which might skew tick charts. Is this the case? Any thoughts would greatly appreciated.

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  10. I got this email today from Ensign:


    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I saw the same problem with the playback and have it fixed
    for the 10-28 version I will upload as an upgrade later this afternoon.

    Ensign's web site is www.ensignsoftware.com.

    Sincerely, Howard Arrington
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