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    Anyone using the Ensign/DTN combo? Could you say which DTN subscription that you have and how solid the datafeed is? I am mainly interested in daytrading the e-minis.
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    I use DTN/Tradestation 2000i to trade the e-mini S&P. Works great. I have no experience with Ensign.
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    I have used DTN satelite for 11 years, (r/t) and have not had any problems with it , keep deiced during snow storms.
    Have lost dta during exremely hard rains.
    Have tested with some online data feeds and it is slightly slower than some.

    Dtn is very helpful if you have problem.

    I started using ensign 4 months ago and it is OK , I give it a
    Unfortunately you do not have many choices with DTN as to
    software, or I would continue to use.

    I am making change to Qcharts when my annual prepaid
    subscribtion runs out in april, more choice of software.
  4. I have used the above for several months, and plan to continue in the future. Not familiar with satellites, DTN was very courteous and helpful in achieving the signal despite the fact that I am surrounded by tall buildings. Early timing problems were solved with a minimum of effort. I've had a single loss of signal when a programmer in Houston fouled up. My only gripe is that I must go to the internet to establish my Ensign chart/get signal when I have shut the computer down as over a weekend when there is no activity. So far as the Ensign software, the Fibonacci and the Elliott are by far the best around, and a nice quick way for setting eTIKI up makes it useful in market hours trading. Data is received quite quickly, but still several milliseconds behind what I get from the MERC. With my trading program, I can make the trade and receive the fill at about the time it shows on ENSIGN. Although I don't know of a faster system, that pivot point criteria is important in Elliott/Fibonacci. A friend computer specialist has told me that he plans to switch from QPlus to ensign for that very reason...Fib/Elliott.
  5. correction on the previous message.......Q Charts, not Qplus