Ensign coding?

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  1. Here is an indicator in Tradestation I use.....

    I am looking to switch over to Ensign, but I can't seem to figure out how to code this in ESPL..

    any help is appreciated :)


    input: tickSize(0.25), Pds(20), Slw(10);
    Vars: LWST(Close), HGST(Close), HGST_Fast(50), LWST_Fast(50);
    Vars: Fast(50), Slow(50);

    HGST = Highest(High,Pds);
    LWST = Lowest(Low,Pds);
    Fast = XAverage((Close-LWST)/maxlist((HGST-LWST), tickSize),Slw) * 100;

    HGST_Fast = Highest(Fast,Pds);
    LWST_Fast = Lowest(Fast,Pds);
    Slow = XAverage((Fast-LWST_Fast)/(maxlist(HGST_Fast-LWST_Fast, tickSize)),Slw)*100;


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  3. Thanks.... I got this indicator a long time ago from a friend who used it, however I never really followed what it was trying to accomplish. Seems like a double smoothed stoch ala Walter bressert

    I only use it on occasion, but wanted to transfer it over to Ensign.

    here is the same code in Metastock...

    Slw:=Input("Slowing double stoch",1,5,3);
    Pds:=Input("Periods double stoch",3,21,10);

    thanks for the link.. will check out the ESPL code,, I am sure given enough time I can figure it out :)

  4. Be careful using Ensign especially if you want more that a few Markets and leave your computer running all night. Ensign has a memory leak that is aggrevating.
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    I have not noticed anything. I have had Ensign and IB running on a machine for a year now. However, I log out and in every day.

    I have not noticed any memory usage out of ordinary as compared to other trading programs. In fact, Ensign uses less memory.

    With that said, I think the owner should give the Enisgn platform an upgrade to something more up to date.
  6. I requested a fix from Howard for a year and it kept falling on deaf ears so I switched programs. The problem only occurs when you leave the program run overnight with multiple screens open.
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    I'll have to experiment and see if it is still there. If so --I will get on Howards tail.