Ensign Charting Software Raises Price

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Roman Candle, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. While I did not receive an email notifying me of the increase, I am still very happy with their services. I really like the Proprietary Pesavento Patterns Algo.
  2. moarla


    still the best charting software - in my opinion

    (dont start now with Quote Tracker, look at the grafic, thats a software made by amateurs)
  3. Lucrum


    Not that the extra $10 bucks is going to kill me but because of the increase I took a look at Ninja Trader.

    Although I'm sure some of my perception of it is simply because of what I'm accustomed to with Ensign I've had a hard time embracing NT so far.
  4. Ensign looks like a very good charting software designed for the retail market with a lot of custom studies designed into it.

    If you need the studies or want access to them, and you think those features make the price that they charge for the charting software worthwhile, that's fine.

    But QuoteTracker definitely provides equal if not better basic charting features at 1/10th the price. Quotetracker also has the ability to customize and design your own paintbar studies, and the software is widely supported throughout the industry with data feeds and third party-add ons, so it's hardly a software used by amateurs, although someone who's trading is amateurish may say-so. :)

    Good trading
  5. moarla


    its made by amateurs, and so it looks like...
    maby some students years ago decided to design his own software, thats my impression.

    Everything you can do wit QT also you can do with Ensign.

    I dont say, QT is bad....
  6. NinjaTrader_Ray

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    If you only want charting and analytics, then we offer NinjaTrader for free.
  7. mtt


    I love Ensign. Internally, it's designed efficiently but it does have some minor quirks on how to do some basic stuff. There's a little learning curve to it. It's a lot more stable and reliable than QT when it comes to day trading. I've seen lag in the charts in QT during rapid trading. QT is good for beginners, swing traders, investors, or technical analysis types. The only thing I don't like about Ensign is their subscription fee per computer.