Ensign - Bad ticks on charts?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gotta_trade, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Ensign Software is closed until Monday.

    I downloaded their software using the 7 day trial. The free trial comes with FXCM forex quotes.

    As of yesterday at 5pm, my EUR/USD pair is quoted as 1.2886.
    Prior to 5pm yesterday the pair was charted at 128.86. (decimal in different place)

    Because of this, some of my charts are distorted.

    Anyone know how to correct this?


    See Attachment for chart.
  2. Mup



    click menu Setup | Charts, select the Maintenance tab and perform task #1 and #2 to flush the quote
    tables. They will rebuild from the live feed. Then when you open the daily chart is should not be stuck.

    If that doesn't work try ticking tasks #1, 2, 3,5 & 11 and re-boot.

  3. It didn't change anything.

    I attached a chart.

    Notice how 5 minute and the 60 minute charts are messed up.

    Also notice that the gaps in the 15 & 30 minute charts. They are missing about are missing about 10 hours of data??

    Please see attachment.
  4. taodr


    Some of us noticed when we logged into our setups on sunday afternoon, ensign was adjusting the computer clock consequently the charts were messed up. I also run QT and their charts got messed up because of this. It was something to do with fxcm feed . Maybe check your clock and delete all data and start again.
  5. Can you please tell me how to delete all of the data?
  6. taodr


    MUP posted what to do.
  7. Yes, I did exactly that. It didn't change one thing. How could that be??

    I'll uninstall the software and start over again.
  8. Ensign is so full of bugs, quirks due to its constant reworking to sue everyone's unique need. In the end it is just a huge mess of jumbled code.

    Rather then provide 90% of what 90% need it provides 90% of what 10% need and the common stuff is so convulted to use that it renders it a waste of time.