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  1. Last Friday as I was having breakfast before work I was reading about the Enron distaster..Picked up my cell phone. Called mybroker checked stock was 0.24...Placed a trade for 5k shares...My d*&*(*(&*( broker would not accept order... Today Enron is above 1...Could have made several 100% return....I am hacked
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    I guess they determined it was too risky for you.
    Who's the broker? (so I know where not to go)
  3. Your broker wouldn't let you spend a whole $1200 on a trade?
    Was it on margin? That could explain it....
  4. What I meant to say is some brokers won't let you margin
    penny stocks...

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    I wonder when all the guys that caused the 2008 real estate melt down get out of jail.
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  7. %%
    Good ;
    some bankers will not finance an ultra cheap home or a cheap rusty auto. But America is so blessed ; you work , you ride+''we tote the note''.:D:D
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