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  1. It has dawned on me what this economy really is. PHUK Larry Crudlow and his goldilocks economy, this economy should be called the Enron economy. An economy of off balance sheet transactions, hidden debts, SIV's, CDO's, CDS's, conduit's, L1, L2, L3. Hell, looking at all this shit that has been created, Skilling should be released from prison and Ken Lay brought out of hiding to fix this mess. They did a better job!

    You bulls keep buying that Enron stock, if you liked it at $80, you should love it at $40!!!
  2. At one point you could actually buy enron at a penny. Not sure if it still trades on any exchange.
  3. Funny, it dawned on me today that stock trad3r is-

  4. Absolutely. Phuk, for all we know those two guys are probably wired in on the conference calls.
  5. YES! Orphan Structures hiding all the junk. Seems like EVERYONE was doing it(Banks, Brokers, Foreign Banks, etc)

    What next?:confused:

    And we thought the Hedge Funds had THE BIG losses in August. Man they look like saints now. lol

    I wonder if we see anyone crack the 100 billion loss figure:eek: