Enron-Why dont they run???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gunslinger, May 25, 2006.

  1. Okay Im not a 100 percent up on the trial, but aren't they free on appeal? That being said, how can they not at least try to get out of the country. It is sooo worth the risk. surveillance, electronic monitoring, who cares, they have to make a move. Am I missing something? If I am wrong about them being out on appeal, then why didnt they run during trial. Damn, it's like sheep willingly going to the slaughter house
  2. They had to surrender their passports. Maybe they can find a small opening in a fence on the southern border.
  3. right...

    what do they have to lose? already doing 165 years..lol.. they get caught so its 200 years instead?? lol

    shit, if I had their money I would have my private jet fly me to Mexico ASAP
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    Its all about arrogance and dignity. These men still don't think they've done anything wrong so they are not going to run and be branded a fugitive the rest of the their lives, even if running does seem like a rational thing to do given their circumstances.
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