ENRON Senate Hearings

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Rigel, Feb 28, 2002.

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    Senator Bennett from Utah was questioning today, among others, a representative of Credit Suisse, who I gather may have had an interest in Enron equities. That wasn't clear because the company has several divisions that work "independently".
    That part wasn't really made clear.
    Senator Bennett has been a serious amateur investor for many years. He quoted some investing advice he had been given many years ago, "Don't buck the trend". He then held up a Credit Suisse analyst report released on October 24 of 2001. On the front page of the report there was a chart of Enrons price history over the previous 10 months or so. It showed a STEADY downward trend from $100 to $30. He said there was no evidence in the report suggesting a trend reversal. On the top of the report was Credit Suisse's recommendation. STRONG BUY.
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    Here is a man who epitomizes corruption, greed, dishonesty, etc., and who completely and wholly thought (and still thinks) he is smarter and above everyone else. This man should be held accountable and subject to a firing squad. He has no remorse and his persona is that of a jackyl. I've never felt so much rage at person I don't know; and I never owned a single share of enron stock. As much as this country is great, he and his type is all that is wrong with it. Given a chance, I'd knock all his teeth out and spit in his face. Pompous ass.

    Sorry for the negative post-
  3. I think it has been said that the only stock reccommendation that may be of any value is one from a disinterested third party (meaning one that isn't trying to unload several million shares from the last offering or some such related entity.) Even then the they could be wrong :) so doing your own research seems to be the only route worth taking. That being said, I have no idea if Credit Suisse was a related party or not. But you gotta admit that 90% of the broker buy/sell/hold are a joke.