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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Pekelo, Dec 1, 2006.

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    Can I rent this movie, or see in theaters?
  3. I bought this and after watching it, you will never look at the Bush family and who is really running The U.S. the same again..

    You will hear audio tapes of Enron traders making billions with the phony energy crisis in Cali and how they laugh over ripping off old lady grandmother types....
    Just unreal!!

    Highly recommend everyone watch it.

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    Check your library for:


    I was wrong, it is 12 parts on Youtube, cut into 9 mins sequences. Talking about not being able to upload whole movies...
  5. Smartest guys in the room I believed its called. Seen it. Its great. Enron did a masterful job at stealing billions from California. And the republicans did a masterful job in making sure the Democratic Governor took the hit for it instead of Enron and the Bush admin.
    It made the trading profession seem really bad though - I must admit - even though the whole mess was entirely Enron and its political allies in the Bush admin.'s fault.
  6. Mark Cuban helped bankroll the film, and it won an award - documentary of the year or something like that.