Enron Flat-panel 18" Monitors, $380+

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by abishiai, Jan 21, 2003.

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    No warranty. Maybe already has 10,000 hrs on it? If someone asked my opinion, I'd say "pass" (not that anyone is going to, of course). :cool:
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    you wont be sorry!!
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    And from my experience,

    Buyer beware!!! No stand included????:eek: (Check out the negative feedback!!!)
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    192T due out soon. If it's as brilliant as the 172T, WOW :D
  5. Check out tigerdirect.com - they've got Mag 18" LCDs $399 (after a $50 rebate) including built-in speakers, stand, and manufacturer's warranty - I believe for another $99 they'll extend the warranty for two more years.

    If you don't need 18", they've got $200 15" panels.

    Always price shop before buying ANYTHING on eBay - there's a lot of stuff sold on eBay for MORE than you can buy it retail over the internet. I've even seen things selling for 20% more than I could buy them all day at the local Walmart.

    Another thing - be sure to factor in the shipping and handling charge. That's a big scam with a lot of eBay sellers. If the item doesn't have a specific shipping and handling charge listed, email the seller and get a hard number.

    I was looking for some video games for some friends kids at Christmas. The games in question were selling on eBay for $30-35 and the price looked OK, but after checking with the seller and finding out that there was a $15 shipping and handling charge (which is insane) they turned out to be more I could buy them retail at buy.com ($40 with no S&H charge).
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    Does it have the original Enron asset tag? Thanks.

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    Agree absolutely. There's someone that's been selling a Linda Bradford Raschke seminar CD for $75 using BuyItNow. Only problem is it sells for $25 online. I'm sure they know this as they've sold several. I should email them and tell them to get a life. I'd warn the bidders but they're using BuyItNow so first bidder wins it. But mostly eBay's cool. You just need to know what you're doing. Just bought Partition Magic 8.0 for about 70% off and bought WinXP Pro for about 55% off a while back and many other good bargains.
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    Maybe you could get one with my palm print on the screen:))) I do miss those 20" flat screens on my desk and big plasma screens on the gas trading floors.

    I guess UBS Warburg is still running my ticker service on SoCal:)
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