Enron Auction: September 25 & 26

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  1. JayS


    Living in Houston I might see if I can pick up some monitors or maybe a "Plasma Screen TV's up to 60 inches", haha. Seriously, I'll probably attend if any other ET's are planning on going let me know. It looks like you can bid online.

    p.s. It'll be at the Radisson Hotel Houston Astrodome.


    Moutafian and Enron employees have spent three months preparing for the auction by grouping 3,000 computers, 2,000 flat panel monitors, 500 ergonomic desk chairs and hundreds of servers, printers and flat-screen televisions from Enron trading floors. Some computer setups can be purchased individually, while others will be sold in packages of 36 machines.



    Thousands of Lots, featuring:
    Cisco Systems 12012 Gigabit Switch Routers with Blades
    Cisco Systems 7206VXR's with 300NPE and Blades
    Sun Microsystems Netra T1 100 Server
    Cisco Systems 3640's with insert cards
    Herman Miller Aeron Chairs - Fully Ergonomic
    Flat Panel LCD Monitors by Compaq, NEC and IBM
    Plasma Screen TV's up to 60 inches
    Laptop Computers By Compaq and IBM and Others
    Catalyst 6509 Chassis' with cards
    Redback SMS 1800's with blades
    Sun Microsystems 450 Servers
    Lucent CBX500's With Cards
    Proliant 6400R Servers
    Printers By Hewlett Packard And Many More
    Desktop Computers By Compaq and More
    Monitors, 21", 19", 17" and 15" By Compaq, NEC and IBM
    Power Meters
    And Much More!
  2. JayS


    Anyone have the NEC 50" Plasmmasync (50MP1) or used one? Opinions?

    I've seen them as low as $4k and high as $7k. Enron will have 8 for sale new in box. I would imagine they will go for about $2.5 to $3.5.

    They also have tons of the 50" Pioneer Plasma's (PDP-502MX), any opinions?

    I'll most likely only be their Wednesday morning (the first day).

  3. do you want people to outbid you now that you posted it on here?
  4. exe


    thanks for the headsup J, feel like a kid in the candy store LOL. I have a catalog of the 50DP1 42DP2 and 42MP2 if you need info on them. Check out the 50" touchscreen LOL.
  5. I bit on the net and purchased 6 compaq 18" flat panels for 500 ea
  6. MrDinky


    Is that a good deal? Seems like once you factor in the auctioneer premium + shipping it'll cost almost near the $750 they go for retail. Do you know how much it's going to cost to ship or do you live local?



    Did anyone see the prices some people paid for stuff from the auction? The plasma T.V.'s were sold for much more than the newer versions cost at almost any retailer, not to mention the auctioneer's cut and shipping added on.
  8. JayS


    It was plastered on the front page of Yahoo ("In the News") along with the national news the past few weeks.

    Your so naive.
  9. I neted 579 total for each one. I looked at the new ones and where I looked they were over 750
  10. ANCHOR


    I wanted to buy 3 of those 50" plasma monitors.

    That would make a sweet trading set-up.:D
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