Enought liquidity for 10,000 shares per trade in ETFs (SSO/QLD) ?

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  1. I been trying to figure out how much liquidity is there on QLD / SSO etfs ...

    Lets say I want to buy 10,000 shares per trade on each (or combined) .. Would it be possible without affecting the overall market ?

    I suspect such orders would send the offers up a few pennies, but I suspect it would be minimal since most of the market follow the futures anyway ...
  2. I hit the qld once on a few story and there was alot of slippage.
  3. How big was your order ? and the slippage ?
  4. You're going to get slippage on QLD/SSO for sure. The only ETF where you can consistently get a 10,000 share fill without any problems is probably QQQQ.
  5. can't you just freaking look?
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    If you can't look at a level 2 screen and tell right away if you are gonna get slippage then why do you want to trade 10k lots?

  7. Yes, I looked but I wanted to hear from someone that actually has try to liquidaty huge lots in any of these etfs ...
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    The Volume in QLD is 13,028,406.
    What do you consider slippage?
    It trades, not as liquid as it's older brother QQQQ.

    This site freaking amazes me, the combination of lazy MF'ers, and sarcastic pricks.

    Happy Day!

    el surdo

  9. I could not agree more .... look in the mirror ...
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    Sometimes people asks questions(may be silly) just to confirm from others whether what they are thinking/seeing is correct.
    This is human mentality that they want to see if other people are doing the same.

    I do not see any reason to flame on posts like this.

    Just try to help if you can.
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