Enough Said

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  1. Gordon Brown, host of the summit, said the meeting marked the emergence of a “new world order”, as he unveiled what leaders claimed was a $1,100bn package of measures to tackle the global downturn, including support for lower income countries and a $250bn plan to boost the international money supply."


    The world financial news took this qoute on every page, every blog and it came across DJnews wire....

    Enough said.....Try and short this.

    Good luck to all those who have yet to make their Wealth. But don't worry, a NEW WORLD ORDER has been agreed upon by the Goverments of the world.
  2. http://www.breitbart.tv/html/311353.html

    Right out of the very mouth, of a Man who has allowed freedoms and Capitlism to be run into the ground.

    Enjoy the Market Rally for those of you who are long.

    I will enjoy my oil, my gold, my guns....and soon to be 20 acres of land in the Hill Country of Texas. Got if for less than 4k an acre and it has natural water ways through it. Of course...I still live in the Heart of San Antonio, but the land was something I just couldn't pass up.

    God bless Texas....even as a young hip, trendy city boy from out East.....I understand why Texas is the land of the Free and God Fearing people.

    Enjoy the NEW WORLD ORDER.....
  3. this is great for half way developed and well developed countries.....

    horrible for ignorant, dumb countries like N.Korea, parts of Africa, Myanmar, etc. These countries will be squeezed out by worldwide inflation.
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    When the winds shift and start blow northerly you will get a nice whiff of that shit-hole that is Mexico.

    I love Texas, but I don't have great expectations for anyone that lives within 200 miles of the border.

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    I speak Spanish, live in So. Calif... I like most Mexicans too.. but I always marveled at their culture... then I was reading a document from Scottish history written in the twelfth century. They spoke of their travels up out of the Caucasus Mountains. They said that they had the worst time of all in Spain because the tribes there were barbaric.... that word barbaric stuck in my mind.. Mexico is simply a barbaric place, it's in their blood. They have no safety net whatsoever, for sport, in the bullfighting arenas they will race horses around the circle and then trip them to see them get horrifically injured with broken "noses", broken legs etc... the gangs are murdering each other like crazy and littering the countryside with headless bodies, there is not much of a middle class, one guy from there told me that you can't own property without being in the government... it is simply barbaric. The Catholic Church has done nothing about all that shit over the generations, they are too busy up here in California calling us racists for not wanting to import all their poverty to the US.. Mexico really sucks... I've heard from Central Americans that they don't like Mexicans because of the shitty attitude even... all of the Spanish speaking world is pretty barbaric is it not?
  6. Look at this BS. On Bloomberg as the top story now:

    "G-20 Shapes New World Order With Lesser Role for U.S., Markets"

  7. I rather live in TEXAS right now than NY, where Taxes on everything are being raised, Commerical RE imploading and WALLSTREET finished as we know it.

    So, this head fake of a rally is going to "Bring all those" financial Jobs back? The investment banking world will 'Remerge like the phonex? Give me a break.

    Chicago? You just privatized your "Parking" meters and now, hundreds are being destroyed. And if you park in front of a meter that is broke, it is your citizen duty to call the "Private" police for the meter or you will get a hefty fine? Not to mention your taxes on everything are going up and Trump's building is on hold, being forclosed. Jobs loss is wide spread and will continue.

    I can go on and on and on.

    I do love both NYC (Raised in Manhattan) and Chicago (Educated and traded there). However, you guys are fucked, period.

    an NY! you DEM party just released this statement.

    " Most people are treading water, many are drowing, and that has given the Politicans the courage to speak up and say...that the RICH need to carry more of the Burden."

    A client of mine, just closed down his Manufacturing firm outside Qs, upstate. He is moving the entire company (100 million dollar company) to Tenn. He has given the work force an option, move to Tenn (SUN BELT) or find another job. This guys has given me over 2 million to be involved in mulitple Oil Projects with our firm. He isn't hurting for money and his company is doing ok in the current two quarters.

    I asked Jim why? Why is he mov'n out of NY. He said, mentally he can't take it. He feels that getting closer to the SUN BELT will creat bigger opportunities and grow his company.

    He is keeping his building in NY and leasing it out. But he isn't so sure it will lease that fast as Com. RE has tak'n a dive.

    So, yea, Enjoy the East Coast. Jim is not the first and will not be the last to flee BLUE STATES.