Enough of the Mob?

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtTBkxvBq88

    Apparently the DNC is against peaceful protests now. This has to be a joke. The republicans should fire back and say that these are not mobs but peaceful protests which we put together by community organizers. Remember for the last year we have heard how important community organizers. I guess it just depends on how you are organizing the community.
  2. These protests are as fake as tea parties were.
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    I watched a few minutes of MSNBC last night (had to see the left spin on events) They were commending some Dem House member for keeping his town hall meeting in order from the evil protesters, then they showed the protesters…. Vast majority retired senior citizens, sitting peacefully asking hard questions………… I guess anybody who doesn’t automatically side for an undisclosed health care bill ( just like Congress) is an evil, orchestrated protestor.

    Give me a break……. Why can’t the Dems understand, yes America wants HC reform but not the Federal Government taking over the health care industry and spending more money we don’t have.
  4. You Do Not Have Health Insurance

    Well when ya pay for insurance and magically the company finds some loophole from paying for your procedure, your gonna ask, WTF!?!? The private sector is only there to make simple things like widgets, if it gets involved with more complicated things then its goal is to privatize the profits and socialize the losses; it is not mean to be a provider of complicated goods like healthcare, defense, roads, financial markets, etc...

    Krugman picked up the moveable mob idea. Anyone remember that guy who always seemed to show up at debates and FOXNews just happened to interview him each time ( think it was at least twice). And what I recall is that both times he gave relatively the same exact answer no matter how different the debate's topic was.
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    Because they want to take over the health care at any cost.. Karl Marx cited that as the first step in the Communist takeover plan...
  6. Like, rilly? Care to offer up

    a) proof
    b) relevance, since the US is the only rich country without a public health care service for which all citizens are eligible? FYI, Thatcher, to the best of my knowledge, never said the NHS of the UK should be dismantled, at any time during her political career. You calling Thatcher a Marxist?
  7. Every (successful) movement has leadership and has "me too" men. The organizers, the ring leaders, the people who steer the town hall meetings into the "proper" direction don't have to be the majority, they can be as few as 10% or lower, but they will be the loudest and they will set the tone. Without them, nothing would happen. The far right provides those "10%".
  8. Let's see here...It's OK for a couple hundred thousand Mexicans, half of them illegal, to shut down entire cities while protesting, and we can have thousands of the Acorn Klan in the streets, but a few working class folks have some questions about this health care debacle and it's an angry mob? Can the re-education camps be far behind? Stalin and Hitler would be green with envy.
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    It hit me that these Democrats with their ever expanding government debt are the biggest New World Order suckers imaginable.. what a bunch of security loving trash, pushing the debt off onto their own grandchildren...
  10. Let me get this straight...

    Since in your opinion what others have done is worse, that justifies anything the right wing mob does, is that right?

    If so, that just shows the right wing mob has no real moral center, but simply moves their moral center to whichever way the polar opposite moves...

    Thanks for the confirmation that the right wing mob has no moral center...and acts in a manner consistent with moral relativism, an end justifies the means mentality, a might makes right manifesto, and the ability to rationalize anything on the basis of what the other side does...

    KKKKKKKKKKKKlassic klannish, at it finest!!!

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