enough of the HYPE...forget today...where do USA markets go tomorrow?1/22?

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  1. enough of the HYPE...where does the SP 500 and DOW go, tomorrow, Tuesday 1/22???...do we see more sell off or HUGE bounce back...and YES...no 'surprise' fed cut coming...Bank of America earnings and these 2 econ announcements tomorrow 1/22/08 could be huge...

    Bank of Canada Announcement
    9:00 ET

    State Street Investor Confidence Index
    10:00 ET
  2. Up! PPT has printed $5 trillion dollars and will buy every asset in the nation if need be.
  3. S2007S


    I dont think these 2 econ announements are that huge.
  4. I concur.
  5. B of A earnings won't be that bad.
  6. so, we go up as if 'asia today' did not even happen...hmm...
  7. up
  8. What is the bottom price? is it 1220? are the funds going to manage it in one day?

    only 40 pts away.
  9. mkt trying to hold the down 500 level at 11603 so far so good, if it breaks we shall see
  10. broke it!
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