Enough is enough- Stop bringing markets down

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  1. There is nothing outlandish and insane. Today's market action was one of the bloodiest red I have seen lately.

    Every few days my screen turns crimson red and stays that way all day. If I see green on it I start wondering whats wrong ? I start searching for news and wonder did I wake up on the right side of the bed today? I comb my hairs, take a shower and wear a new shirt and start sipping green tea.....wondering how long this will last. How long the rally will last?

    Today I called upon the markets to show their fierce powers. When the SPX was zooming down towards 1270 area I was chatting in a major chat room full of 500 traders and I called upon the cowards who were manipulating the game to take it down below 1250 and be done with that. It would have slain the golden goose and Wall streets livelihood for weeks and months to come. Lets end it all, finish the job slit the throats of the economy. Why live in this day to day fears and imaginary recession? Lets be done with this misery. Crash the sucker into the wall push it down to 2000 points or some place where our children will grow up and bring it back. Its either pull up and shut up and show some strength and courage.

    Fast forward 3:00 PM I am watching the red splintered with green? Wow this thing never dies? No one wants to kill the golden goose? No one wants to stop its all ? Cowards. Real cowards.

    Ohhh no, SPX comes and stops on a dime into the 1270 area.. Stops right around 1288 as if it hears a divine call from the powers above. Lord of Lord. I wanted to end it all today. Recession or recession end this game of chicken every day and fitful rages of insanity punishing people and investors and stocks. Enough of this debasing actions, manipulations, fear mongering insecurity and endless insanity.

    Did I say investors ? There are no investors left but hardcore day traders, manipulating sundry ghouls, and nameless parasites who eek a living scalping nickles and dimes who can never leave this place and go do a days hard work any more. Fat assed screen watching Pavlov's dogs and certified gambling junkies.

    I still call upon the markets to crash on Monday and any given day. But you know what ? It wont happen in America. If there was a real disaster and a real threat (not an imaginary recession + Nouriel Roubini) you would be seeing SPX hitting 1000 area sooner than this. It had 5 previous chances to do so in last 6 weeks.

    Just to remind you SPX has come hurtling down to 1270 area at least 6 times in 6 weeks since Jan 22nd 2008! Count those long red candle bars on your charts and tell me if I am wrong! Whenever junior throw a fit, each time Mommy comes out holding his hands cutting rates and appeasing his ego, and he goes back to his old nasty tantrums filled ways of doom and gloom and dark pessimism and within few days brings the market to its knees.

    Enough is enough!
  2. huh?
  3. I suppose hunh means ....I should lay more of real truth on the platter:

    Its too obvious this thing never crashes and dies ! Why? Because no one on Wall street wants to be out of job.

    Its the damn golden goose that lays golden eggs! They will never kill this!
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