Enough Already!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by jprad, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. jprad


    Senator McCain,

    If you are truly committed to reform then you must bring this bailout nonsense to a stop.

    Throwing money at this problem is akin to using gasoline to put out a forest fire -- it won't work and will only make the end result worse.

    The folks that created this mess must be given two options; fix it or have the entire financial system of this country nationalized and reformed.

    You need to put the fear of failure and loss into the minds of every shareholder and bondholder of these companies, their entire investment will be wiped out in the event of a government seizure of the financial system. These are the folks that will motivate or throw out the idiots that put their country into this bind.

    If the credit markets seize up then fine, people don't need a new automobile or house, they need food for themselves and their family. Establish an emergency funding arm using that $700b for business loans to keep people employed.

    Complete reform of our financial system, and ultimately our government, is the only acceptable response at this point in time.

    If not, Democrat and Republican alike have failed their country, sullied the Constitution and forsaken those who paid the ultimate price in defense of both.

    This is a watershed moment in the history of our country.

    Don't blow it.

  2. triggger


    watch them blow it :mad:
  3. Correctamundo... Reform? Not a chance, buckeroo. The Powers have things just they way they want 'em.