ENOUGH already with the SPOOFING

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. the cftc should charge any firm(s) doing this extra commissions

    I used to think that the exchanges sometimes fined firms

    in certain derivative products for their abuse of this practice

    ( i.e. entering orders and then cancelling them ... esp when showing size on either side )

    lets end this nonsense already please gentlemen

  2. US market is totally FU&^ed in it's current structure.

    Something really needs to change.
  3. 1) End flash orders

    2) Charge .01-.02 cents for cancelling an order

    3) Close down Goldman Sachs. Corrupt cocksuckers stealing hand over fist from everyone.
  4. Damn right!

  5. I am sure you recall the changes Eurex made because of Rotter. Specific to the trader. My understanding per a Mirus is that cancellations for US exchanges are spread amongst all broker clients not client specific.
  6. Agreed, but never going to happen. Why not ask for a non corrupt government regardless of party affiliation? Just as likely.
  7. minmike


    It's just part of the game. People start over relying on DOM so spoofers start. If you don't care about depth of market, it wouldn't bother you at all.