Enlightenment through Trading

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  1. All creatures, great and small, are capable of achieving enlightenment relative to their inherent intelligence. Even traders. Especially traders. Over the years I have observed my wife's now elderly main coon learn that it is not as far up the food chain as its genes lead it to believe it is. Over those same years I have learned that the tide of passions in the tape is endlessly pulled by the moon of retail traders' beliefs that they are at the top of the trading food chain. The wife's cat now fully comprehends the predatory nature of hawks and owls. Today I start to teach it to trade.
  2. Sorry. I couldn't decide whether to write a paragory or an alleble. So I wrote both.
  3. Samsara


    Maine Coons are fantastic animals, although chances are their genes contribute less to their food chain comprehension than sitting looking at grackles from inside a Texas ranch all day.
  4. I taught the wife's cat to point like a setter whenever a grackle materialized in the yard. Thanks to the hand-clap quiet of an air pistol, alas, the grackles, which are exceeding smart, visit no more. Now the cat sits in my lap more often than the wife does, watching the market's ebb and flow with me. I think she is beginning to comprehend the value of the ratio of trades at ask to trades at bid. However, I fear she will never appreciate the value of the VWAP relative to midday.
  5. Today's market appears to have Repubeikan sympathies. So I am as short the market as I am of soberrioty.